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FUNKY fabulous creative artists who love to re-purpose-recycle-up cycle, alter and transform something OLD-unloved-thrown away-vintage-junk into ♥ART♥
are WELCOME!!!!

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Original Post

New listings:

New soap saver category; I have more of these made in different styles and they'll be posted soon:

New spring gift bag:

Posted at 4:49am Feb 21, 2011 EST


Hello! I make eco-friendly and reusable items such as market bags, gift bags, coffee/pop can sleeves, soap saver bags and more. I used rescued or reclaimed yarns as much as possible. I also use renewable resources such as bamboo.

Coming soon: more bamboo yarn items, more soap savers, cotton market bags, and a couple new product lines.

I've got some new items listed this week. Coupon code FBFRIEND gets 10% off. All orders come with a free gift made by me.

Posted at 2:27pm Feb 22, 2011 EST

debrav says

tweeted your soap savers they are very cute

Posted at 10:33am Feb 23, 2011 EST

gothB4play says

Created by Recycling little old Halloween skeletons, buttons, bolts, watch parts, jewelry pieces, and the hair is silver colored wire rescued from a TV cable. Just listed today: about the only thing new is the glue and paint!

Posted at 6:37pm Feb 24, 2011 EST

funkyluke says

love your rainbow bag

Posted at 9:41am Feb 27, 2011 EST

Ok all you recycled gals , lets get them up on to the blog and rock the world of recycled art! Love the bones...goth!

your bags are divine , it is really nice to see how much you can carry in them.

Posted at 10:24am Feb 27, 2011 EST

Thank you, Debrav! How sweet of you.

We have a blog? LOL OK, I need to get on the ball.

@goth: That doll is awesome. I see he sold.

My new soap savers:

FBFRIEND gets 10% off any purchase plus a free gift handmade by me

Posted at 4:21pm Feb 27, 2011 EST

Brilliant! Turning rags into riches, The soap bags are a good idea and i love the boney little man. I make mini top hats and fascinators using recycled foam rubber, old t-shirts and any amount of old toys and broken jewelry. The most random things can be the most perfect finishing touch! Keep up the good work!

Posted at 4:42pm Feb 27, 2011 EST

like this thread , here is my newest item it is flower power make love ♥ not war♥ guitar case

hope you all like it

Posted at 11:35am Feb 28, 2011 EST