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Original Post

I looked and looked through our discussions, and couldn't find a place to put this. Since I only update once a month or so, I wanted to tell you all! *grin*

Please feel free to add your blogs and updates here.

Here is mine...

Posted at 3:19 am Aug 27, 2011 EDT


Love your blog! Someday I will figure out how to blog. Thanks for sharing!

Posted at 2:48 pm Aug 27, 2011 EDT

Wish I had more time to blog I have some great ideas I just need to make some time.

Posted at 5:02 pm Aug 27, 2011 EDT

It's fun to see what everyone else is doing, I am very new to blogging, but here is mine

I hope to be adding much more to my blog and my shop soon.

Posted at 3:23 am Aug 28, 2011 EDT

Oooh fun, here is mine!

I post every few days, sometimes more, sometimes less:)


Posted at 5:02 pm Aug 29, 2011 EDT

Thanks, natureofart!

I agree with withtherain....if I had more time (or found it worth making the time for) I have so many ideas I'd love to write about, and I appreciate those that write regularly. Alas...

Posted at 8:28 pm Aug 30, 2011 EDT

Here is my latest post. I'm not a regular blogger either, But I do try to have a goal of a couple times a week. I read somewhere that it was better to blog less often with better content than more often with "ok" content. Not sure if that's true, but it works for me! LOL

Posted at 12:33 am Sep 7, 2011 EDT

I have (re)started blogging, focusing on positive thoughts, events, people. This week's is regarding a lady in Anchorage who is running a charity drive to collect mittens/gloves/hats for kids in need.

Posted at 12:48 pm Sep 12, 2011 EDT

My latest post, that I *cough* forgot to post here, too. Fun stuff, though!

Posted at 2:35 am Sep 23, 2011 EDT

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