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Etsy Animal Artists is a moderated team with the following requirements:

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•This team is for sellers who make their products (ie NOT antique dealers).

•This team is for *primarily* animal-themed shops (not just a couple of items mixed in with other subjects or items).

• This team is NOT for antique dealers or resellers of factory products or production manufacturers. It is an ARTIST team.

***If you were removed (after you joined the team during the open-join format), it is because your shop does not reflect one of the above bullet points describing this team. Please do not write the team captains asking why your shop was removed.***

***We are in the process of removing members who do not fit the scope of this team. We're sorry if you are removed- It's nothing personal and we are sure there is a team out there in which your shop will fit.***

***If your shop is accepted, you agree to allow us to possibly use a photo from your shop as our team avatar (we will give credit to your shop, of course!).***

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Original Post

For fun let's see examples of everyone's critter work. This is one of mine.

Posted at 11:04 am Feb 14, 2011 EST


Your model is adorable cuddlebug:)

Posted at 12:36 pm Feb 14, 2011 EST

Popogirl says

Here's one of the brooch pin designs that brought me much love in the dog world in the 90's. Back then they were more primitive but now they are in porcelain, smooth and pretty.

Posted at 8:21 pm Feb 15, 2011 EST

lilpenny says
I just listed that one.

Everyone has great items and I look forward to getting to know all of you!

Posted at 12:54 am Feb 16, 2011 EST

ClayCorgi says

I've just started with copper. Here are my latest corgi pieces.

Posted at 3:14 pm Feb 16, 2011 EST

jenya2 says

Here is my latest Spring hand knit Dog Sweater "Rosebud"

I am also running an "unadvertised" sale on 7 beautiful cable and ombre dog sweaters for a limited time.

Thanks for looking!

Posted at 2:51 pm Feb 18, 2011 EST

jenya2 says

Here is my new Petunia Power Dog Sweater, it is the first in my Spring collection:

Posted at 6:24 pm Feb 19, 2011 EST

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