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Original Post

I am looking into buying some no slip grips as one of my good customers was asking about them. I have seen two kinds, one that is a solid strip that is already adhesive and then I have seen one that you have to glue down and is not solid but looks more like a checker board. Which style do you prefer and why? I really appreciate any input!

Posted at 2:17pm May 29, 2012 EDT


Hi, I've used both kinds and I prefer the checker boards. 1. They are lots cheaper. 2. Easier to work with. 3. Last longer.

I tried them on clips I made for my mom. She is 88 and wears clippies with beads, small pearls, etc. in her hair. Her hair is very, very fine and thin so a non slip grip is a must. The solid one doesn't hold like the other one.

Now for the little secret no one wants to tell you but some day will hit you like a ton a bricks. Those little checker boards - they are pieces of drawer liner cut up. You know the rolls you can buy almost anywhere but the cheapest is at Dollar Tree.

I of course use white for mom but I also carry black and beige for customers who request them.

Also if you use true alligator clips, the kind with teeth, not just plain double or single prong clips you really don't need the non slip grips.

Hope that helps. :-)

Posted at 7:46pm May 29, 2012 EDT

Very much! Thank you for your input!

Posted at 9:17pm May 29, 2012 EDT

Hi ladies :) Sandy is right, I love the checkerboard ones and the alligator clips w teeth help too....

Posted at 9:26pm May 29, 2012 EDT

I use Gripzies - I bought a wholesale lot of them from their site. They are self-adhesive and look more professional, in my opinion. I sell a ton of baby clips so it was worth it to buy them in bulk. And they are non-toxic, which is important if you are marketing your items for children...not sure if shelf liner is non-toxic.

I really don't think the issue is solid or checkered as I have bows with both and they work fine, but I would definitely get something that is glue gets messy!

Posted at 1:31pm May 30, 2012 EDT