East Coast Geek Artists really need help here lol

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Original Post

ok so i need all the ladies to help me on this lol

my gf been buggin me on gettin her a gift cause its for our 3 year anniversary but i'm too broke (seriosly she wants me to put a ring on her from zales or some fancy stuff). i rather give my girl a handmade lightsaber or something.

ok so i was thinkin, for all of the ladies, if a brotha gives you a gift, what kind would it be?

lol i know, kinda lame haah but i need help lmao

Posted at 9:23am Mar 28, 2012 EDT


Debra says

Is she into video games? Not to toot my own horn, but I make a lot of couple themed lovey dovey frames like this:


Here's the shop section for them :)

It's not a diamond ring, but a picture of you two in a geek frame is sweet too! :D

Posted at 10:51am Mar 28, 2012 EDT

yo that frame is tight. nice debra.
yeah my girl plays video games but she like the old skool kind.

i play video games too.

yeah it def not a diamond ring haah but that looks good

Posted at 11:04am Mar 28, 2012 EDT

Dani says

Well, it's not a ring, but it's an old school video game and jewelry. I think it's nice anyway.


Posted at 12:46pm Mar 28, 2012 EDT

dang that thing is tiny yo...lol but its nice

Posted at 8:58am Mar 29, 2012 EDT

does she like potral? if not, i do custom items too :) good luck!


Posted at 1:20pm Apr 6, 2012 EDT

here are 2 heart necklaces inspired by Zelda she might like them even if she is not into video games .

Oh and their on sale right now!


Posted at 12:43pm Apr 12, 2012 EDT