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Use code MOMMY15 to get 15% off your purchase until May 15th

Posted at 10:46am May 4, 2012 EDT

These are the tropical colors of Aloha! "Kahala Kai"...

A gorgeous "Kona Sunset" for your TGIF!!

"Surf's Up", Brah!!

Feel all of your stress melt away with a gorgeous "Waikiki Sunset"...

Posted at 8:26pm May 4, 2012 EDT

We all have favorite items we have made or painted but hasn't sold, so I would like to promote some of mine today.
Beautiful in person and looks almost like etching.

Very difficult to paint and this was a plain, clear glass when I started.
Dainty, romantic, ooak glasses.
Absolutely stunning in person.
Simple beauty! Black, white and could you go wrong?

For more of my painted designs, please visit:

Posted at 9:14pm May 4, 2012 EDT

Some great coupons over in my BNS treasury right now including 30% off in my shop!!

Only 1 spot left! No minimum buy-in. Your shop is featured until you get a sale or up to 3 rounds!

Posted at 9:17pm May 4, 2012 EDT

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