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Italian Wedding Berry Jam... inspired by a wonderful childhood memory.. I am sharing my story in the ad. Come by and visit

Posted at 5:38 pm Mar 13, 2011 EDT

Here is a new stained glass animal panel in green

Shop closing March 31st after over 30 years in the business. prices marked down 45 - 75%

Thanks for looking

Posted at 6:26 pm Mar 13, 2011 EDT

teaman says

Hi folks, now is a great time to stock up on delicious hand blended tea in teabags from my shop... Check out these deals!

25 Cherry, Orange and Almond Christmas teabags...only $1.50

25 Strawberry black teabags...only $1.50

25 China Green teabags...only $1.50

25 Darjeeling/Ceylon black teabags...only $1.50

Less than half price....don't miss out!

Posted at 8:34 pm Mar 13, 2011 EDT

Fun new children's wall art! Affordable gift idea!

Personalize with your child's name:

Elephant Plaque

Cheerful Monkey Plaque

Dinosaur Plaque

Posted at 8:50 pm Mar 13, 2011 EDT

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