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Original Post


Chris1 says

doesn't anyone have anything to promote?;-)

Posted at 1:12pm May 29, 2011 EDT

teaman says

Hi folks, I am having an amazing sale on select hand blended teabags... 50% off or more!

Apricot Splash White tea in teabags....only $1.50 for 25 or $3 for 50!

Cherry, Orange and Almond Christmas teabags...only $1.50 for 25 or $3 for 50!~

Strawberry black teabags...only $1.50 for 25 or $3 for 50!~

Orange Spice Green teabags...only $1.50 for 25 or $3 for 50!~

Black Raspberry black teabags...only $1.50 for 25 or $3 for 50!~

China Green teabags...only $1.50 for 25 or $3 for 50!~

Darjeeling/Ceylon black teabags...only $1.50 for 25 or $3 for 50!~

I offer over 50 delicious hand blended teabags....please take a peek in my shop!

I invite you to buy from me through this treasury...make a purchase now and get featured in the next round!

Posted at 2:50pm May 29, 2011 EDT

teaman says

Good afternoon Chris, hope you are enjoying this lovely holiday weekend!

Posted at 2:51pm May 29, 2011 EDT

Hi Everyone... just wanted to share a couple of my latest finds:

I hope you all have a fabulous holiday weekend.

Posted at 3:33pm May 29, 2011 EDT

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