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Original Post

Please use this threat to post links to new cute creations!

Posted at 10:03pm Feb 13, 2011 EST


My new mini purse with Matryoshkas printed cotton:

Posted at 2:01pm Feb 14, 2011 EST

Michelle I love it, and your pictures are amazing!

Posted at 2:41pm Feb 14, 2011 EST

OMG! cutest Strawberry Earrings! Check it out and heart :D

Posted at 4:25pm Feb 20, 2011 EST

JenNai says

I have listed plenty of new goodies.

*Hello Kitty Easter Bunny Charm Pendant w/ Purple Pink and White Rhinestones

*Adorable Baby Stroller Buggy Charm Pendant w/ Rhinestones

*2 Hello Kitty Silver Charm Pendant w/ Pink Rhinestones

Thank You for letting me share.

Posted at 10:08am Feb 21, 2011 EST

ojami says

Such darling items everyone!

Here's my latest listing.

Kitty Kosheshi Tote and Lunch Bag in Black and Red

Posted at 3:29pm Feb 21, 2011 EST

here's my newest Zakka style towel
Alice in Wonderland

Posted at 8:21pm Feb 28, 2011 EST

fancypop says

A new necklace I made! I uploaded some other new stuff today too. Sudden surge of motivation :)

Posted at 6:31pm Mar 1, 2011 EST