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Original Post

I just wanted to post some insight on how bigger stores do it! (Pertaining to stores that been in business longer than any of start up stores or growing small businesses)

This is not my website nor my store,but it gives you an idea on how consignment works.

Also these aren't my terms I just want to touch on WHY's!

Read this www.yoursmineandoursconsignment.com/page04.html

-Yes consignment is usually 90 days! This allows time, just normal time for customers to see your stuff and allow adequate time for it to sell.

Sometimes it may take longer.

- A store reserving the right on prices! I would only up the prices , because target markets are different. After 60 to 90 days, I would say,lets discount these items a bit.

You can agree or not agree,they will remain the same or if you agree we mark them down.

Something that sells for $8 online may sell for $10 in a retail store.

Keep in mind that selling online is totally different than in a store.

You have a business to run online and the store owner has a business to run daily too. With many more operations.

Some stores charge a registration fee, Just for you to be able to get your items in their store?

I can understand why because it's takes time to make sure you have jumped aboard. It takes work to prepare forms although everyone has the same form but different account numbers. It also takes precious time with follow ups.

That's why you should be serious before contacting store owners.

Time is precious.

Some stores wait until your balance reaches a certain amount before you are paid!

Some pay weekly,bi-weekly-or monthly.

Unsold items returned.

A store saying they aren't responsible for losses such as theft,fire,etc.

They should be!

Stores are required to have commercial store insurance.

Getting your stuff back after 90 days,should be easy and a breeze!

Give them time to ship and mail your items back!

A few more consignment stores that may be in your area if you agree with their terms.....




www.prettypeoplevintage.com/#!about-vintage - Website buys vintage

We all know that consignment is so hard for some. When you are working with start up stores,it's okay to offer wholesale,but keep in mind that you are helping someone like yourself grow and not just getting your half off top!

Think about the other party. What if your items haven't done so good.

Then that's a lost for them and not everyone can afford to lose.

Work with your independent business owners to get their name out there as well as your products! It Helps makes a big difference even if you do either or just locally!

There is room for the handmade market!

Yay :)


Posted at 12:29 pm Aug 14, 2012 EDT


All good points, just have something to add about this point:

A store saying they aren't responsible for losses such as theft,fire,etc.
They should be!
Stores are required to have commercial store insurance.

When I was shopping for my business renters insurance, 2 companies would not insure my products because they were consignment and no matter the type of product, they were considered second hand. Therefore they would not insure them.

So it just depends on what type of insurance the shop owner has...

Posted at 4:43 pm Aug 15, 2012 EDT

Toynga from AromasandScents says
Edited on Aug 15, 2012

I guess it varies by state and by what insurance you have or required for your business. I have business insurance for my business,commercial retail insurance.

They even have listed items I carry in my store as well as my candles I make.

My business is insured building wide and what ever is inside which is good.

I guess that does varies.

I have the type of insurance which was required by the property manager to insure me and my business.

I have also saw the insurance which you can insure just your products as well for you and your customers safety.

Posted at 11:22 pm Aug 15, 2012 EDT

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