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Original Post

Just double checked the weather for the OUTDOOR Scandinavian Heritage Festival happening this weekend...where I have a booth. \Forecast? Thunderstorms and high winds. Joy.

Anyone have any suggestions for keeping my canopy from blowing away...and my wares from getting soaked? I'm stressing just a little!

~ Sarah

Posted at 6:48pm May 24, 2012 EDT


At least 30 pounds of weights at each corner, tied securely to the top frame of your tent.

You'll need to keep your side walls down and the wind will blow them around a bit. Roll up the sides about a foot each and secure them with clamps, so some of the wind can go under the sides.

Do you have any gridwall hanging from your tent sides? That will help keep the tent sturdy.

Posted at 6:52pm May 24, 2012 EDT

The tent and side walls should keep rain away from your product. Take some of those disposable plastic tablecloths to throw over your product in an emergency.

Posted at 6:54pm May 24, 2012 EDT

I have a few plastic table cloth and you need something to weight it down to hold. I did little bags of rice to put in the 4 corners of the table. But that is what I could come up in a short time. You could get some sand and put in little glad bags to put on top of the tables to keep the plastic from blowing.

Posted at 7:35pm May 24, 2012 EDT

plastic tubs w/lids to put your goods in--in case it is also pouring during setup/teardown.

if you're on grass, stake your tent down. adequate weights ON NON-STETCHING STRAPS is critical.

if you're on grass, stop by Lowes or HomeDepot and get 10x10 grass indoor/outdoor carpet. that will reduce mud tracking.

Posted at 7:58pm May 24, 2012 EDT

These are great suggestions!! I KNEW you all would know what to do!!

~ Sarah

Posted at 9:42pm May 24, 2012 EDT

Carol from CarolBradleyDesigns says
Edited on May 25, 2012

If it's raining when you are setting up, put up the tent first, attach weights second, then get everything under the tent to minimize water on your stuff.

These "painter's rags" from Home Depot or WalMart are great for mopping up water. .

Posted at 11:59pm May 24, 2012 EDT

Place your tables in the back of your booth. If it starts to pour, people will duck into the first tent they can find. You never know, one of those people might turn into a customer! Also, your merchandise will be protected if a big gust of wind blows a sheet of rain into your booth.

Posted at 5:24am May 25, 2012 EDT

But be ready for the drips that come through your tent.

It does happen

Posted at 7:30am May 25, 2012 EDT

I always have plastic drop cloths to throw over the table when I leave at night (2 day shows) Even if it's not raining, humidity makes my tent cry. Moisture sitting on the tent top all night will seep down on what is inside.

Posted at 7:45am May 25, 2012 EDT