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Original Post

Jaedyn S from ButtercreamDreamShop says
Edited on Jul 6, 2012

Hi all! I am brand new to this group, and reading a ton - you are all so helpful, lol!

I do have a question, though, about pricing. Do you all charge the exact same at trade & craft shows as you do on Etsy? For example, my paper straws are $4.00 here on Etsy. It is under what the SRP is from my supplier (they said to charge between $4.50 and $6.00 - but I charge $4 because that's generally the rate here on Etsy, and I didn't want to be higher).

I was thinking that at the show, I would charge $4.50 (and say that includes the taxes, because taxes would be $0.40), but I worry about customers coming to my Etsy shop listed on my business card and feeling like they got ripped off. Although in reality, $4.50 *would* still be cheaper than buying them for $4.00 here, then pay $2.00 in shipping...

I think it would be the smartest thing to just charge the same there & here, but the temptation to raise my prices a wee bit is there, lol!

Posted at 6:41 pm Jul 6, 2012 EDT


I charge the same. I give out business cards with my shop on them; I don't want people seeing my items at the show and then come here and the prices are different.

Posted at 6:47 pm Jul 6, 2012 EDT

Marilyn says

Generally, my prices are the same.

Posted at 7:26 pm Jul 6, 2012 EDT

I keep my prices the same everywhere. I don't want to customers getting confused about why the same item is different prices in different places.

I also don't want them to come to my online shops and see a higher price than what was at the shows, and talk themselves out of a purchase.

Consistency is the key.

Posted at 7:40 pm Jul 6, 2012 EDT

I keep mine the same regardless. If for no other reason than it's less confusing.

Posted at 8:45 pm Jul 6, 2012 EDT

I would keep them the same and charge tax separately. Hopefully you'll get a lot of people visiting your site after the show and I think they'd be a little disgruntled to see lower prices online!

Posted at 9:05 pm Jul 6, 2012 EDT

Liz from LizArti says

I keep my prices the same. It's simpler, and less to think about.

Posted at 9:16 pm Jul 6, 2012 EDT

That's what I thought too. I just hate having to add the taxes seperately, lol. Takes more time. It would be easier to say "$4.50, tax included", but I completely agree with you about possibly angering my customers if they see lower online prices!

Posted at 9:58 pm Jul 6, 2012 EDT

jesi from HipViolet says

I agree, keep them the same!

After doing craft shows for 4+ years, I have found that a TON of my sales are from people who found me at the shows. I would definitely not want them to find that I charge less on Etsy!

Hope that helps!

Posted at 9:59 pm Jul 6, 2012 EDT

right, i'd keep them the same, and do the tax separately. :)

Posted at 4:44 am Jul 7, 2012 EDT

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