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Original Post


Is there a way to effectively set up for a craft show? Do more colorful items go in the front, as well as best sellers? I will also be displaying clothing, such as shirts and skirts, ideas on different ways to do this?


Posted at 2:18pm Aug 3, 2012 EDT


jesi from HipViolet says

Hi Monique!

I would definitely try to put best sellers out in front - you want to get people IN your booth and that's the best way! Also try to get things at eye level and off the table - any kind of displays that can get height to your booth is a GREAT idea! If it's an outdoor show, hanging things from the sides of your tent can work great to attract some attention, just make sure it looks nice!

I also think putting a few smaller and more inexpensive items out near the edge can be a good attention getter. I was recently sharing a booth with someone who made reusable snack bags as well as big hand-dyed bamboo towels. She had the towels out in front and her smaller items in the back. After she switched them she sold TONS more of the snack bags - those are more of an impulse buy whereas the towels were a bit more pricey and was going to take the right buyer!

I had my carpenter husband make me a table-top clothing rack out of wood that I painted white. You can see it here:

I like how it keeps everything on the table and I don't have to mess around with putting together a clothing rack at every show!

Hope that helps!

Posted at 2:36pm Aug 3, 2012 EDT

Monique - I find that customers usually do not riffle through piles of things, so the more you can display your products on stands, upwards off your table (closer to eye level), the better.

I see you have purses...I've seen people make a stand with lots of hooks in all different directions to hang their purses on. For clothing, you could have a mannequin demonstrating one shirt and have the others folded in a neat pile in front.
Are you in a booth with curtains? If so, you could hang your clothing and purses off of the bars in your booth.

Also, you might want to have a small table for your own purposes (taking payments, etc.) and get one of these racks to hang up your clothes which would be a great display and easy enough to set up.

Hope that helps!

Posted at 2:40pm Aug 3, 2012 EDT

I have only done a few shows myself, but I've found it's best to get things off the table, and use height as much as you can. Make it look cohesive, but fun, and people will head your way.

Also, one thing I'm not the best at, is to talk to people as they walk by. Get their attention and bring them into your booth. So many sales come that way.

Posted at 3:48pm Aug 3, 2012 EDT

I do use a lot of color. I also use scent to bring customers in. My soaps are packed in a rainbow of organza bags. I also put the most fragrant ans customer favorites up front while still leaving teasers of popular scents on the back table.

My product is displayed on the table, but I do use baskets to add some height.

Posted at 6:41pm Aug 3, 2012 EDT

Feels like bright red up high and out front helps to bring 'em in even if they go on to but it in black....

Posted at 9:05pm Aug 3, 2012 EDT

Definitely put some lower price items next to your "check-out". I did this at the last show and I was surprised how many sales I got from "impulse buys". For example, I had a big display of my washcloth lollipops in another area of my booth and then just a few lollipops were set up next to my check-out. I kept selling the ones next to check-out. It was amazing!

Posted at 11:59pm Aug 3, 2012 EDT

Up, up, up! Also, don't allow people to paw through your merchandise - it gets to be a jumbled mess & then nobody wants to look at it. Hang, fold, divide, etc. I put inexpensive items on my checkout table because many people "add on" to their purchases or else they see them when they speak to me. I have some "wow" items toward the back (up high, so they can still be seen from outside the booth) to draw customers through the entire booth space. Analyze the traffic flow - if people are too cramped, they just look for the quickest way out. Make sure there's room for two people to look at the same time & ideally there should be room for a wheelchair, too. So many non-walking folks are shut out of shopping at craft fairs because they just can't get in there!

Posted at 8:02am Aug 4, 2012 EDT

Get over to Pinterest and do a search. Lots of great ideas there!

Posted at 8:03am Aug 4, 2012 EDT

jesi, thank you so much for the helpful tips! Putting things at eye level is a great idea; I think it will make the items more appealing. Also putting less expensive items on the front of the display table, like in convenience stores, will likely attract impulse buyers or people looking for an inexpensive gift. Thanks for providing the link, too!

Christina, as jesi said, displaying items closer to eye level is better. And yes, I have purses of different sizes, so hanging them from a stand with hooks will likely work. And having a mannequin that shows my clothing will give the customers an idea of how they fit. Thanks for providing the link!

Kylie, height, as I am finding, is important to attract people to my booth. I will use boxes or stands to heighten some of my items. Thank you!

Michael A., I have many colorful items, which I think I will place in front. They will be eye-catching and fun. And adding height by using props or boxes is also appealing. Thank you!

Sara and Phil, I have a doll with a bright red coat that will likely stand out. Thanks.

Crystal, I am working on making lesser priced items to put out front. Thanks!

Kathleen, I never thought about making sure there is enough room for many people; thank you for pointing that out. And putting the "wow" items in back so will likely result in more sales because they look over the other items, but if something catches their eye while looking back they will likely glance around.

Jennifer, Thanks!

Posted at 6:49am Aug 5, 2012 EDT