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Original Post

Ari from TinySheep says

So I'm doing this show in a week. Tonight, for fun, my fiance and I were randomly looking through the show's pictures on facebook. There are four shows a year, and there are a few pictures from the past few events. We came across a photo of a booth from a past event...Scentsy. So then we looked through the show's blog, and sure enough, amidst all of us artists' interviews was an interview with this Scentsy consultant.

Is this ethical? I feel like it's like the equivalent of having an Avon cosmetics both at a craft show. It was sad...everything came out of a box, from all of the Scentsy stuff down to the tablecloth with their logo on it.

I wasn't sure how good this show was going to be, but if that is the standard, I'm sad I signed up.

Posted at 10:20pm Jan 21, 2012 EST


Depending on the market, sometimes those kinds of booths (as long as they aren't in excess) can be beneficial. It completely depends on the people that show up there though.. If they are expecting the Mary Kay's and Cookie Lee's and Tupperware's and everything, they won't look much at the hand mades, unfortunately... BUT some people are into both, and I had one show where I was right next to a Party Lite consultant last year, and because she was a fabulous sales person, she had people by our booth all day, and it resulted in sales for me as well :p

Keep positive, and things should go okay!

Posted at 10:53pm Jan 21, 2012 EST

CDChyld from CDChyld says

There's been a Scentsy booth at the craft fairs I do locally. But granted these aren't just for homemade items.
It hasn't caused any problems or anything.

My only issue are those people that will spend a buttload on scentsy burners and tarts...yet put their noses up at handmade items that aren't cheap. WTH O_o

Posted at 11:10pm Jan 21, 2012 EST

I'm looking right now at 2 applications for spring shows where they allow commercial vendors like Scentsy. I've done 1 show with commercials and I didn't even make back my table fee so I'm leery of applying. I'm really wanting to branch out and get out there more-I definitely sell better in person than online. Maybe everyone else is right and you'll be ok still. Is this the only commercial vendor at that show?

Posted at 12:35am Jan 22, 2012 EST

Ari from TinySheep says

chimelle, I'm not sure whether there will be any commercial vendors at this show or not. I kind of hope there aren't any. What bugs me is just the principle of the thing. If there are other candlemakers (or wickless or whatever), or soapmakers or anything being matched with a cheaper, commercial alternative, it can hinder the sales of the artisans. I realize that people could go and buy cheaper equivalents to our handmade stuff at commercial stores, but the point of the show should be the personal touch...not the "bargain" mentality.

The others have good points, though....I guess it could potentially make the show better. I'm sorry you had a bad experience with the show that allowed commercial vendors. I hope you have many more productive and lucrative shows!

Posted at 12:56am Jan 22, 2012 EST

Every show I have done in the last three years has had Scentsy and Cookie Lee both! I don't think it hurt my sales at all but I wish when a show is suppose to be for Artisan's that these kind of booths were not allowed.

Posted at 1:07am Jan 22, 2012 EST

Ari, did they not inform you when you applied that it was not just handmade? I hope they didn't try to hide it.

Alona, I'm glad to hear it didn't hurt your sales. Maybe I just had a dud show overall. What's Cookie Lee?

Posted at 1:33am Jan 22, 2012 EST

Kristin from krissyannedesigns says
Edited on Jan 22, 2012

I know exactly what you mean, Ari, in terms of them taking away from other sellers. It's definitely something that goes case-by-case.

There was one show that I did last year where a good friend of mine who makes wonderful soy candles was two booths away from a Scentsy booth - so it can definitely hurt things too!

Just hope there won't be any commercial sellers there selling anything similar to your stuff, and hope it goes well!

Posted at 1:34am Jan 22, 2012 EST

Chimelle - Cookie Lee is kind of like Lia Sophia? Jewelry. I'm not sure if it's handmade jewelry, but it's direct sales like Micci and Mary Kay.

Posted at 1:36am Jan 22, 2012 EST

crochetgal says

Before I send in any application or $$ for a show, I always ask the promoters whether any commercial businesses will be taking part. If its more than 10%, I don't even bother.

One of the better shows we used to do was strictly handmade for many years. People came from miles around to check out that show as it was in November - the perfect time for holiday shopping.

Slowly the Avon, Tupperware, Cookie Lee people were allowed to take part as well. After that came those with the 'garage' sale type items.

After a couple of years, all of the 'handmade' people finally left and the show ended up being a collection of resellers.

Posted at 3:55am Jan 22, 2012 EST