The Original Saturday Night Specials (SNS) Members

Who can join?

The Original Saturday Night Specials (SNS) has the following requirements:

The Saturday Night Special Team is open to every seller and buyer on Etsy. Please post your specials on the Saturday Night Specials thread only. Thread begins at 5 pm every Saturday; one of the captains or leaders will post a thread to begin the specials, so please wait for that thread before posting your special. Your SNS must end by 6 a.m. EST time on Sunday. There is no recapping (reposting) of specials.

Please use suggested format at the request of our many buyers; keep your post as streamlined as possible and no special character fonts please! This includes posting of photos; please limit yourself to ONE photo or your post will be removed. Deliberate spamming of threads will be cause for removal from this team which is staffed by volunteers.

Please remember that this is a team and you will only get out of it what you put into it!

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