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Original Post

kevinyc says

Hello and thanks for joining the Craftsy team.

After many delays, I have finally wrapped up development and have moved into the testing phase. I know many of you have been waiting a while for this app since it was announced and I like to thank every one of you for your patience. It won't be much longer before you will be able to get this app on your iPhones and iPads.

Stay tuned for some more information in the coming days.


Posted at 1:00am Feb 21, 2011 EST

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kevinyc says
Highlighted Post


Good news. Everything is good to go. I'll be submitting it to Apple tomorrow. I'm not sure how long it'll take for them to approve it and put it up for sale but it usually takes a week or two as long as everything goes well.

I'm still working on the website but I'll be posting some info here soon.

Posted at 2:45am Mar 21, 2011 EDT


I can't wait!

Posted at 9:52am Feb 21, 2011 EST

Thanks for all of your work on this! I can't wait to get the app!

Posted at 4:15pm Feb 21, 2011 EST

Oooooh, I am so excited... if you need an extra tester... send me a convo! :D

Posted at 8:31pm Feb 22, 2011 EST

rarebeasts says

Looking forward to this exciting app.

Thanks for the update.

Posted at 4:15pm Feb 23, 2011 EST

I was so excited to find an app like this in development. Will be watching for it's arrival!

Posted at 2:09pm Feb 24, 2011 EST

Can't wait! I live on my iPhone, (especially since my home computer is dial-up) so it would be wonderful to manage my Etsy there, too!

Posted at 2:17pm Feb 27, 2011 EST

Oh, I'm so excited. About the only thing that would make my iPad better would be the ability to manage my Etsy store with it. :)

Posted at 2:35pm Feb 28, 2011 EST

monstermee says

Looking forward to it!

Posted at 10:39pm Mar 6, 2011 EST

I am sooooooo happy to hear about this. If u need an iPad tester please pick me me me me me!!! My favorite things are my 4 lb chi, Etsy, and my iPad...oh and my husband LOL

Posted at 10:41pm Mar 8, 2011 EST