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Original Post

UnityWorks says

Welcome everyone! I am new to organizing an etsy team and am open to any advice! Also would love a better picture to represent our team if anyone has one to offer :)

Posted at 3:56pm Feb 14, 2011 EST


WinterBV says

Thank you very much for creating this Etsy team! I don't have any direct advice, but truly appreciate being able to come together with other Baha'i craftspersons.

Posted at 6:55pm Feb 14, 2011 EST

Hello to you both. You have lovely work. I am not new to etsy but I have never explored all of the options for promoting my shop. For example, I see that Reinikka has "Treasury" items and raffles and I would like to know how that works. I am just getting started really with making lots of new things and listing them for sale. After I listed the Baha'i/African inspired quilted wall hangings on my site about a week ago I sent out a mailing to lots of friends in my address book including many Baha'is. I got only one sale so far, but many people have said they would start shopping. I have also displayed my quilts at devotionals here in my cluster as we have had a lot of activity recently and many people are interested in buying. Perhaps we could make up an advertising for the team like a flyer or putting photos of our Baha'i inspired work in the body of an email and send it out to Bahai's we know, also give the flyers out at Baha'i gatherings in our local area. Not long ago someone contacted me from etsy asking permission to feature one of my Korean patchwork pieces in a gallery of Korean art/crafts and I gave permission so maybe we could do something similar for Baha'i art. Also, I think there are more Baha'is on etsy so hopefully our team will grow. I don't have a lot of ideas but I brainstorming together may be fruitful. I think a 9 pointed star is a fine symbol for our team and I have found some nice ones on google which maybe I can send you by attachment. Anyway, I look forward to our communication as we strive to promote our art and our Faith.

Posted at 7:22pm Feb 14, 2011 EST

WinterBV says

Great to see you here, Gwen.

I have brought my items to devotionals as well as to classes, a local Baha'i school and other events. I shared a table with the Book Store at the last Unit Convention as well and hope to sell my items at Green Acre. I think that we could certainly join together to promote our wares via Etsy, as well as any email lists we develop.

Posted at 7:34pm Feb 14, 2011 EST

UnityWorks says

I think an e-mail newsletter and flier is a great idea!!! We could put something together monthly (or so) that features a few Baha'i sellers, some of the items they have for sale, and a little bit of text about them and their shop. It could be formatted as a flier so that anyone could print it out to share with their community and friends.

This could be a large project; gathering e-mail addresses of anyone interested, deciding who to feature, what to say about each seller, and putting it all together... but I think this could be a really great way of promoting our group! I think a lot of people would be surprised to learn how many Baha'i items they can find on etsy, and what a great way to show them.

I have not done much promoting in my Baha'i community because I don't want anyone to feel like I am pressuring them to buy from me. I have donated a hand made journal to be used as a guest book at local events, and I will be donating a few more things for our community auction. If I had a flier with other etsy sellers I would definitely pass it around at Feast and other events.

Posted at 8:06pm Feb 14, 2011 EST

UnityWorks says

I forgot to answer Nelias' question about the treasury and raffle... Treasuries are member made showcases/galleries that are so much fun to make! Any member of etsy can make one and it can have any theme imaginable! You can see all the etsy treasuries here: and create your own here: I like to think of them as "window shopping" :)

In the treasuries there are these things called "BNRs", BNR stands for Buy aNd Replace. Each BNR is different, but basically someone created a treasury with a bunch of featured sellers items and other people can "buy-in" by choosing a featured shop and buying an item from them, then the currator of the BNR will replace the bought-out shop with the shop that bought from them. It's a little confusing at first, but once you catch on its pretty simple. I hope I am explaining it well...

I host a BNR at least once a week and this month I am also raffling off a journal when someone buys into the BNR with a minimum purchase of $5. At the end of the month I will draw a name and send the journal on its way :)

I'm also planning a raffle for followers on my facebook page, but I want to finish the February BNR raffle first.

Hopefully I answered some questions, and didn't create too many new questions ;)

Posted at 8:16pm Feb 14, 2011 EST

I also want to thank you for opening this Etsy team. I am really new to Etsy, just over a month so I have lots and lots to learn. I will be reading the things you all write with great interest.

Posted at 8:46pm Feb 14, 2011 EST

HoneysHive says

Hi all! To the new sellers, make sure you sign up for Etsy's mailing list, they mail out so many useful articles that help you learn the ins and outs of etsy and success tips!

Reinikka, I think you explained treasuries pretty well. That's cool you host your own BNRs. I help host a BNR once a month for the Etsy Expat team.

I have learned so much more than I ever meant to by starting to sell on Etsy LOL I never thought I would start reading my camera's instruction book and articles about photography! But having great pictures is a very important part of selling online! I'm still working on it, but getting better.

One thing that has really increased the views on my items is having twitter and every time I list something new I post it on twitter. Not sure if it has increased my sales, though, but definitely views. My facebook page has been great. An easy way to give information and share pictures of all of my items, not just the ones that I have listed currently on etsy. I also have a blog for my items which helps because search engines find blogs quite easily, and then pictures in my crafting blog are linked to the items in my etsy shop so I get visitors that way.

Promoting is a lot of work, but is necessary to get more customers!

I think some kind of newsletter or list to distribute to other Baha'is would be great, but we also have to be careful not to be "spammy" and not to send e-mail newsletters to those who aren't interested. When starting a newsletter online through a service such as Mail Chimp you create a sign up form. Then you can put that out there on facebook, etc. and those who are interested can sign up, then you know that the ppl getting it are the ones interested. You can also manually enter e-mail addresses if ppl in your Baha'i community are interested in getting the newsletter.

Posted at 10:04pm Feb 14, 2011 EST

UnityWorks says

I really need to work on my photography... unfortunately my phone is my camera right now, it takes decent pictures, but I would love to have a better camera to get some really good shots.

I also agree that it is important not to spam anyone with a mailing list, if/when we set this up we should only send to people who have expressed interest.

I just started another thread in our team for listing our facebook, twitter, blog links, etc. Feel free to post any links you have! I don't have twitter yet, but I will follow anyone on facebook if I have a link :)

Posted at 10:45am Feb 15, 2011 EST

EnsoArts says

I was thinking that we should have a "team tag" that we all can place on our items (if you can I know we can only have so many tags). That way when we promote the team as a whole we can tell people what to search for on Etsy. It would also make it easier to make team treasuries. Just a thought I had.
David of Enso Arts

Posted at 9:05pm Feb 15, 2011 EST

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