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Original Post

s says

Hi everyone. I am pretty new to Etsy and when people admire/like/heart one of my items I send them an email/convo telling them Thank You and how much I appreciate them taking the time to like my item. Yesterday I started running a 15% off sale so I also included that in the Thank You I sent to one shop owner not thinking anything of it. She sent me a message saying "Youre welcome but some people could take you emailing them as SPAMMING but I did not report you for that". Just wondering everyones thoughts on this matter because I am really just trying to branch out and have good customer service with anyone I do business with. Any input into this is greatly appreciated.

Schleyna :)

Posted at 8:38 pm Mar 23, 2012 EDT


Kyley from KyleyCo says

Hi Schleyna,
Yes I was under the impression that would be considered spam. In general I don't contact people who favorite an item unwarranted. I approach situations like these by putting myself in their shoes, and I certainly don't want to get an email from every shop owner when I like something. I see your side to it as well and might I suggest just adding them to your circle?! This something I do quite regularly and I hope is not spammy as well! Lol!
Side note- I'm rather new to Etsy so I might not be the best source! Hope this helps!!

Posted at 6:09 pm Mar 31, 2012 EDT

well if one person thinks it is then someone else might. I keep my sale advertising to discussion posts in etsy, then do facebook, tumblr and twitter.

Posted at 10:45 am Apr 14, 2012 EDT

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