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Original Post

Post your Etsy Page here! I like to do featured sellers during the week, so Like my page, post your Etsy URL and I'll make sure you get seen.

I love this team idea...we all make our own unique pieces, and together we can all get boost our sales! Here's my page:


And ps, if you want me to mention a special sale or item in your feature, let me know here so I can spread the news. :)


Posted at 10:36 am Nov 22, 2011 EST


Aubrey says

brand new!



I am currently running a coupon code good for 10% off everything in my shop.. just enter FALLYALL at checkout to redeem savings :)
The decision has been made you chose www.etsy.com/listing/40659352/healing-power-silver-wire-wrapped as the next item to be listed as the FREE CONTEST GIVEAWAY in my shop powerofnaturejewels.etsy.com Contest starts today 11-10-11 and the winner will be drawn via random.org on 11-30-11.
To qualify is simple. Just "like" my fanpage here on facebook!
All current fans are eligible and will be entered in the drawing with new fans.
Also all purchases from 11-10-11 thru 11-30-11 qualify you for extra entry into the drawing! Good luck!
Have a blessed day!
In light and love, Aubrey

Posted at 11:04 am Nov 22, 2011 EST

Beautiful! I'll get it featured!

Posted at 5:19 pm Nov 22, 2011 EST


this is genius, would appreciate more traffic to my store! thanks, your stuff is lovely by the way!

Posted at 5:20 pm Nov 23, 2011 EST

Briana from TwoBeesCreations says
Edited on Nov 23, 2011

How awesome! I've liked your page. There is also a giveaway going on for a $25 credit to my shop here: glowkouture.blogspot.com/2011/11/birthday-bash-giveaway-event-day-2...

Here is my FB, too: www.facebook.com/twobeescreations

Posted at 7:03 pm Nov 23, 2011 EST

Love it Briana! I'll make sure to mention your giveaway tomorrow!

Posted at 7:51 pm Nov 23, 2011 EST

Make sure to list your facebook page and like mine so I can feature it y'all!

Posted at 10:32 am Nov 25, 2011 EST

Emmie from EmilyAliceBall says
Edited on Nov 26, 2011

Hi Julianna!

I'm doing a giveaway too and would LOVE it if you could mention it :)

I liked your page too, thanks, here is mine



This is my prize: (a choice for the winner)

Posted at 2:44 am Nov 26, 2011 EST

I will! Thanks!!

Posted at 5:21 pm Nov 26, 2011 EST

Briana I featured your giveaway today. :) Emily I'll post yours tomorrow!

Posted at 5:25 pm Nov 26, 2011 EST

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