Illustr8ed General Chat thread and Intros

Who can join?

Illustr8ed is a moderated team with the following requirements:

Those who are illustrators/artists that work in any traditional media (no digital or photo manips)

You need to offer your art as items other than just originals (or at least plan to)
They do not have to be via your etsy store and can include sites such as Zazzle etc.

NO Fan art please. Must be original designs.


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Original Post

I had started a monthly thread but it would seem as though not enough are participating in the team just yet.

Posted at 6:20pm Apr 4, 2011 EDT



Thanks for accepting my application to join the group.

I've been a freelance artist off-and-on for about seven or eight years, though I'm just now delving into it full-time. I've had work published in a few literary magazines, but generally work in portraiture and a sort of fusion fine-art/illustration. My preferred medium is coloured pencil, though anything at hand that will do the job is fair game.

I have a blog and a Deviant Art page (for prints, and such) , but I'm new to Etsy, so any hints or suggestions from Etsy pros are greatly appreciated!

All the best,


Posted at 12:11am Apr 5, 2011 EDT


Thank you for allowing me to join your team! I'm happy to see a group that is focusing on hand drawn work. I use computer programs to add text, but other than that, I create with pencils, ink and my very trusty eraser. I suppose one of these days, I should get up to speed with all of that other stuff. :)

I've been freelance illustrating for years, but only here and there. I have my work in a couple of local brick and mortar shops and have a decent amount of custom work. My goal (within two years or so) is to be able to leave my full time job to work solely as an artist. I'm hoping Etsy will be helpful in that endeavor.

I would love to hear other folks' stories of what brought them here! Thanks!

Posted at 9:09pm Apr 5, 2011 EDT

Welcome, you both have amazing stores!
Both very new to etsy i see, I am into my 3rd year here and even I am still learning!

I am a stay at home Mum with 4 children and another bub due in July, thankfully 3 of my children are in school.

It's great to have you here, hopefully more members will get involved in the discussions here.

Posted at 1:30am Apr 6, 2011 EDT

torynova says

Greetings! =)

Thank you for the acceptance - I'm excited to be a part of this team! I'm an illustrator and designer. I'm young but I've worked and continue to work in a bunch of industries including children's books, apparel, comics, etc.

This etsy store is a hobby for me. Usually I work digitally so I don't get to use traditional media that often, though I enjoy it a lot! So far I've been painting miniature portrait pendants and bracelets. Take a look:

For more about me, you can check out my website:


Posted at 12:08am Apr 11, 2011 EDT

Welcome Tory, great to have you here - love your store.

Posted at 9:49pm Apr 11, 2011 EDT

Hey everyone, I'm new to the group!

I've been a freelance artist since I got out of Highschool and have done many projects for private collectors.

Here is my shop:

Posted at 10:10am Feb 25, 2012 EST

Lindsay says

Just posting to let new comers post a little about them

Posted at 10:41pm Mar 10, 2012 EST

Hello everyone I am new to illustration and i like to paint and draw many different subjects esp fantasy and supernatural works. I love alternative fashion and consider myself to be a designer and i have some paintings in a Gallery in Bristol in the UK and some in a Spanish bar in Truro, Cornwall. I sell some of my paintings as commissions and i welcome new ideas and fun times! Nice to meet you'all - Jon Kania

Posted at 7:48pm Mar 11, 2012 EDT

Lindsay says

Welcome Jon,

I love your store. Great to see a fantasy artist with art in galleries - Well done.

Posted at 7:25pm Mar 12, 2012 EDT