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Those who are illustrators/artists that work in any traditional media (no digital or photo manips)

You need to offer your art as items other than just originals (or at least plan to)
They do not have to be via your etsy store and can include sites such as Zazzle etc.

NO Fan art please. Must be original designs.


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I could watch birds all day long in my backyard where we have birdfeeders, perches, bird baths. Chickadees, Cardinals, Finches ... so many beautiful bird, so many singing beauties. I wanted to paint a joyful colorful bird, just happy to be there with the daisies and the ladybugs.

Posted at 11:13 am Jul 9, 2012 EDT

Everytime i am in a southern place and there is lizards, i tend to panic a bit. Those little geckos are so unpredictable. Not to mention that i already had one in my bed! Ouf! I represented the love and hate relationship with the lizard. Do you want to play or to make him go. Is it the bad cat or the lizard that will win.

Posted at 9:46 am Jul 16, 2012 EDT

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