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Original Post

Hi gang! We need a logo image for our team. I checked and it needs to be 170 x 100 pixels and a jpg, png, or gif file. Does anyone have any ideas?

Posted at 8:51 pm Mar 6, 2011 EST


I received a convo with an idea for a team logo from a new member, woodturner2. Here's what he said:

You wrote about creating a Team Logo. Here is an idea you might consider. If you have ever been to the "Made In Virginia" store you have seen their logo is an image of the state of Virginia with the words "Made in Virginia" around it. I think we could use the same design but instead of the words "Made in Virginia" we use "Crafted in Virginia" we could also place red star on the state image denoting the Fredericksburg area. Your thoughts please?

I think this is a great idea. Some comments: we would want to make it look different enough from the Made in Virginia logo so we don't get into trademark issues. If we use a different style of map we should be ok. I'd like us to add "Fredericksburg Etsians" somewhere in the logo, too.

Any more ideas or comments? Does anyone have graphics experience and want to try to create this? If not, I could take a whack at it.

Posted at 5:59 pm Mar 14, 2011 EDT

I was thinking also we might want to use an image/picture of a familiar Fredericksburg landmark, say somewhere downtown? I don't have any pictures myself, do any other team members have some they want to share? Or maybe at some point I'll get downtown with my camera and take a few pics.

Posted at 11:23 am Mar 15, 2011 EDT

Maybe we can use a photo of a Fredericksburg landmark, like some detail from an historic building, as the "star" to locate our area on a Virginia map? That would combine both ideas. Have you guys ever seen how the Free Lance-Star takes photos of building decorations in Old Town for their scavenger hunt?

Posted at 9:57 am Mar 16, 2011 EDT

Like the ideas so far! Could be kind of cool for the logo to be an Etsyish product that represented us?

Posted at 12:33 pm Mar 18, 2011 EDT

Hi team! The draft of a logo is done and I sent it to our captain, CaraHelen, attached to a convo a few weeks ago. I never heard back and I see her shop hasn't had any listings since March. I hope she's alright - has anyone seen her at local craft fairs or been in contact with her recently?

I contacted Morgan, our Etsy contact, and was told that only the team captain can submit a logo. Ugh!

Posted at 8:31 am May 28, 2011 EDT

I like it. You did a great job. if you add a picture it should be something handcrafted from Fredericksburg that is well known. At this minute the only thing I can think of is something from he Copper Shop with Fredericksburg,VA on it. I know he is not on our Team or on etsy but the picture should show something handcrafted, in my opinion, that people will connect with Fredericksburg VA. The "Made in Virginia Store" itself may have an item or two that is made in Fredericksburg. That"s my penny worth of ideas. Regards: Ron

Posted at 9:49 pm May 31, 2011 EDT

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