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Original Post

Hello Everyone:

I am a newbie here so sorry if I missed a previous thread or say/ do anything inappropriate! I opened my Etsy shop in March of last year but didn't really "stock" it until November. I've had 10 sales which I'm happy about but of course we always want more right? I just want enough to be able to quit at least 1 of my other jobs! I was curious if anyone had any thoughts about where to sell locally (sorry if this is an inappropriate question!?). I make repurposed vintage jewelry which there is a ton of on Etsy so lots of competition! Also, any critiques of my site would be appreciated. Prices too high? I know my pictures could be way better, working on getting a better camera! Thank you in advance.

Posted at 8:58 am Jan 24, 2012 EST


Starting a new shop, it's best to aim first for "making a profit" rather than "quitting a job." Start small. Be patient.

You probably will have a difficult time finding craft fairs that are accepting new jewelry vendors. It's a crowded market.

Posted at 12:47 am Jan 26, 2012 EST

I sell my soaps at a great little local gift and antique store in Schenectady called The Katbird Shop. She does have a lot of local jewelers but it is at least worth calling her (Kathy) and seeing if she will make an appointment to see your stuff.

Posted at 4:12 pm Jan 26, 2012 EST

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my post, it is sincerely appreciated. Thanks so much for the suggestions and the words of wisdom!

Posted at 4:44 pm Jan 26, 2012 EST

Agreed. It takes awhile for sales to pick up on etsy. Most of us make a profit but do not make enough to quit our day jobs. After a little more than a year on here I have realized that you get what you put into it. The more you are "seen" on etsy- commenting on stories, renewing items, liking things, making treasury lists, commenting on other treasury lists -the more traffic your shop gets and the better you do. Good luck and welcome! It also helps to sell at local boutiques and shops. Stop by, give them a sample of your work if possible and drop off a business card.

Posted at 2:17 pm Feb 19, 2012 EST

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