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Who can join?

Rockford Etsy Team is a moderated team with the following requirements:

NEW REQUIREMENTS! (those who are on the team currently have until January 1st, 2016 to get to the new standards)

To maintain an active and involved Etsy Team, we require the following for applying and staying on the team (team roster will be reevaluated approximately every 6 months based on these requirements):

-- Sell handmade or vintage items (no wholesale supplies sellers, please). Handmade or vintage supplies sellers are welcome.

-- Maintain an active Etsy shop with at least 10 items listed.

-- Have at least 20 sales at the time of application (this one does not affect those currently on the team as of October 6th, 2015)

-- Live and operate your shop in Rockford, IL or the immediate surrounding area (no Chicago or Wisconsin sellers, please). Additionally, your shop location listed on Etsy must be accurate and standardized through Etsy. Go to this help article to know how to do this accurately:

-- Your shop banner, shop icon, and shop owner photo must be present to maintain a professional look. For help with these items, please see the following help articles:
Shop banner:
Shop Icon and Shop Owner/profile picture images:

-- You must also have an About Page with the Members and Story tabs filled out with information about your shop and pictures. With help on creating your own, visit this help article:

-- You must have a full Shop Policies page filled out. If you need help with this important part of selling on Etsy, please read these help articles:

-- To keep an active team roster and open shops for local customers, please do not keep your shop in vacation mode for more than 6 months

-- Email must be provided in application. Communication is key! If you unsubscribe from our Mailchimp email list, you will also be removed from the team roster

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Original Post

Just posted a new treasury?
Post it here so we can support each other and maybe get your treasury on the front page

Posted at 8:18 pm Nov 2, 2011 EDT


My most recent treasury with some favorite science based items!

Posted at 7:12 pm Nov 13, 2011 EST

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