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Original Post

My husband makes beautiful but useful handmade wooden pens in various styles. Prices start at $15.00.

We also carry wooden wine stoppers that would be a nice gift with a bottle of wine. Prices are $20.00.

We carry wooden earring bowl organizers. You can hang your earrings around the outside of the bowl. Inside the bowl, you can have a place to put bracelets, anklets or rings. Prices start at $26.00

Visit my shop and feedback

Posted at 11:05am Mar 5, 2011 EST


kanekl says

Great easy way to decorate cakes, and cupcakes!

Great for tea parties, or just as gifts!

Posted at 1:44pm Aug 14, 2011 EDT

My candles are hand-poured using All Natural Soy Wax, Pure Essential Oil or Premium Fragrance Oil and Cotton-Core Wicks. The Visual appeal is an added benefit and one that sets CANDLE ALLURE apart from the rest. Not only do my candles smell great and look great, but they are also safe for your home and the environment. Soy is a healthier alternative to Paraffin wax due to the fact that it burns much cleaner and produces less soot. While some Non-Soy waxes are petroleum based and release carcinogens; the Soy wax used at Candle Allure is a natural renewable product made from soy beans grown in the United States.

Posted at 1:59pm Aug 14, 2011 EDT

kanekl says

100% edible Pink Hydrangeas. Great easy way to decorate cakes, and cupcakes.

Posted at 10:47pm Aug 16, 2011 EDT

kanekl says

100% edible Marzipan Baby! Makes a great cake topper, and gift.

Posted at 2:09am Aug 17, 2011 EDT

I just reopened my shop, stop in today to see some new "Van Gogh-like" works @:

Posted at 12:55am Dec 23, 2011 EST