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Original Post

Hi guys!

Here's a thread for us to post our new shop listings!! Let's all try to check out each others new items and get the views up on them! :)

Made these raspberry demask hangers last night!!


Posted at 1:13pm Feb 27, 2011 EST


This post has been removed.

Posted at 6:04pm Feb 27, 2011 EST

These are all AWESOME items ladies! Great job!

Posted at 6:50pm Feb 27, 2011 EST

Pumpkin ~ that is so sweet! What a fabulous gift :o)

Posted at 8:10pm Feb 27, 2011 EST

Lovin' all the new items!!! :) I was hoping to make up another set of hangers tonight but, you know how it is on a Sunday night!! NO motivation!!

Posted at 11:03pm Feb 27, 2011 EST

Made this pillow set targeted towards a little girl's room. What little girl didn't dream about being a ballerina?!? I sure did! :)


Posted at 12:07am Feb 28, 2011 EST

Everyone's items on this thread are amazing. Makes me want to wake my kids up and just give them a big hug and kiss...ok, so I'll maybe wait until morning! ;)

Posted at 12:09am Feb 28, 2011 EST

Omg ChloeandOlive...i am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with that pillow set!! My daughter (who is 2 1/2 is obsessed with ballerinas...but she calls them Rinas). Just gorgeous!

Posted at 12:13am Feb 28, 2011 EST

vtdesigns says

Good morning everyone - Let's all have a great week! Here are a few new items I just listed:http://www.etsy.com/listing/69026322/i-see-you-nursery-wall-art-8x10 and www.etsy.com/listing/69026603/how-did-you-find-me-up-here-nursery-wall and www.etsy.com/listing/69033854/an-unllikely-trio-nursery-wall-art-8x10

Posted at 7:27am Feb 28, 2011 EST