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Original Post

I made it into the second round of an art contest. Help me out by voting for my piece!

To vote, please "Like" this page ( Then go to my image ( and click on the “Like” button below it.

If the link takes you to the whole album, my piece is "African Grey Parrot" by Christopher Kulfan - that's me

many many thanks everyone!

Posted at 12:00 pm Jun 12, 2012 EDT


thanks for all the help so far!
you guys are keeping me in one of the winning positions, thanks!

Posted at 2:37 pm Jun 16, 2012 EDT

There are only a few days left in the contest, and I'm going to be spending most of them moving from Northern Ireland to Pennsylvania.

In an attempt to get more votes before I have to do the transcontinental hustle without any internet access, I'm bumping this thread up...

thanks for all the help so far!

Posted at 6:52 am Jun 20, 2012 EDT

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