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Original Post


We haven't seen sun in over 4 days. I've been waiting to take pictures so I could list some of my new items. I broke down and took the pictures without sun so I have a few new listings.

Posted at 4:36pm Mar 21, 2011 EDT


Heres my newest listing:

Gypsy - Steampunk hair sticks

Thank you!!

Posted at 8:57pm Mar 21, 2011 EDT

Gypsykisses, I love the hairsticks. If my hair was long enough to use them, I might have made an impulse purchase right there.

Here's a necklace I just posted:

It matches these earrings:

50% from both listings will be donated to Doctors without Borders for Japanese aid efforts.

Posted at 11:59pm Mar 21, 2011 EDT

geoco2010 says

I listed New items :)

It's long dangle earrings with crystal flowers at the bottom !

Posted at 4:40am Mar 22, 2011 EDT

ValValVoom says


Just listed these yesterday!
20% off everything with code MARCHMADNESS and! Free shipping on all flower rings in the US! And only 1$ everywhere else!

Here is my listing its perfect for spring!

I got my base rings from this awesome Etsy store!

Posted at 11:27am Mar 22, 2011 EDT

ideasinc says

Here's my latest listing... for spring.... a vintage inspired necklace:

Posted at 1:30pm Mar 22, 2011 EDT

isamarml says

New listing for today.
Buy $10 or more in my shop and you can win a Gift for MOM.

Posted at 7:54pm Mar 22, 2011 EDT