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Who can join?

Social Network Blast is a moderated team with the following requirements:

Membership in this team is based on your participation in the current week Social Network Blast.

The Team will sporadically check to insure that IF you list an item to be blasted for that week, that you also reciprocate IN the blast.

Since schedules vary from week to week, participation is optional and can be done around your schedule.
However, IF you DO post on the weekly blast thread, you are expected to participate on the blast out day.

Sadly, members will be removed from the team if they post their item on the Master List to be blasted, but DO NOT reciprocate the blast for that week.

Membership is earned, based on participation in each weekly blast.

You must have an account in ANY Social Network, Facebook, Twitter, uTube, Kaboodle, Flickr, have a blog.
If you don't have one, please open one.. they are easy to open and easy to use.

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