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Wildlife Artists on Etsy is a moderated team with the following requirements:

Artists who create professional FINE ART in the WILDLIFE ART GENRE that PROMINENTLY features a wildlife theme. We are seeking FINE artists who are driven to create work that is beautifully executed, unique and handcrafted.

Wildlife art is generally accepted as realism or impressionism focused on Wild Animals and Wild Birds.

You must have an ACTIVE SHOP ON ETSY that features wildlife and / or wild bird art.

Wildlife MUST BE a MAJOR focus of your work and your shop here on Etsy. We look for at least 50% wildlife related work in your shop at time of application, with a minimum of 16 items of wildlife art.

The focus of your work must be on wildlife and wild birds. Pets and domestic animals are not wildlife, and should be secondary to art with a wildlife theme.

Professionalism is extremely important - we are looking for artists that represent themselves and their work as professionally as possible. Clear, excellent photographs that showcase your items / work in a professional manner is required. Your shop should have a well designed shop banner and avatar and excellent, obvious, wildlife representation. A complete profile that tells a bit about yourself and what inspires you is also required.

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Original Post

Hey everyone :). I have one of my customers in Wyoming that would like to buy some prints (for her kids) of a painting that I did for her. It would be easiest if I could find a photographer that does fine art photos to make the prints from where she is, saving me the expense and hassle of having her ship the painting back to me so that I can get it done here, then packing it up and shipping it back to her again.

Does anyone know of an art photographer in or around Gillette Wyoming or possibly Buffalo? It usually costs me between $25 and $30 for a set of photos, so I wouldn't want to go much more than that.

Posted at 11:01 pm Nov 29, 2011 EST

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