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Original Post

stkhit says

I'm Shwe! I primarily work on oil on canvas and digital artworks. Additionally, I create jointed-dolls in the frame and involve myself with mixed media projects.

Enjoy & Explore!

Official website and blog -
Facebook -!/pages/Shwe-Thiri-Khit/6...
Deviantart -
Twitter -
Myspace -
Youtube -
My Paper Doll blog -

You will find beautiful pieces of art at the same time you will feel
the mystery or darkness even.

Posted at 10:07 pm Feb 26, 2011 EST


My name is Kylie Fowler. I am a portrait artist, who also loves to create Whimsical Mixed Media girls.

You can find me and my work at the following:

Blog -
Flickr -
Facebook Page -
Twitter -

Kyles =D

Posted at 6:23 pm Feb 27, 2011 EST

My name is Elizabeth Matlack and I love paint acrylic works of all kinds however I do have an ongoing series title 'Oddball Girls' a series of characters that I have been developing for a while. These girls are cute little characters with big personalities. No two are alike as they are all 'Oddballs.'

You can connect with me and my work any of the following ways:

Oddball Art Co. on Etsy ♥

My Facebook Fan Page ♥

My Facebook Friend Page ♥

OFFICIAL Oddball Art Co. Website ♥

Oddball Art Co. Blog ♥

Oddball Art Co. on Tumblr ♥

Oddball Art Co. on Behance Network ♥

Oddball Art Co. on Twitter ♥

Oddball Art Co. on Flickr ♥

Thank you very much for the team invite and I look forward to getting to know all of you and seeing all of your wonderful creations! :)

Posted at 1:43 am Mar 1, 2011 EST

Hello! My name is Grace, from Puerto Rico. My art studio is located in this beautiful tropical Island, from where I get colored inspired. An art teacher since the year 2000. Now I am more focused on my artwork but still teach in my country/beach studio. Most of my works are hand draw on paper, scanned and painted digitally.

You can find me also in:
Facebook: Gracious Gracie's by Grace Mendoza Egea

Thanks! Will be looking forward to have great Etsy sales. Good luck to all of you talented people. Cute girls are the best!


Posted at 11:11 pm Mar 2, 2011 EST

NatashaMay says

My name is Natasha and I live in Slovenia, Europe. I’m a self taught mixed media artist and I make whimsical pretty faces on layered backgrounds using acrylic paints, colour pencils and tissue paper to name a few.




Posted at 9:16 am Mar 8, 2011 EST


My name is Anna. I'm a graphic designer and Fashion Illustrator.
I love drawing dolls. My shop contains prints of FashionDolls (pencil, illustrator, photoshop). Each one means something special to me.




Posted at 9:06 am Mar 9, 2011 EST

MayChu says

Hey all!
My name is May, I'm 23 y/o graphic design student from Israel.
I love drawing girls and women, most of the times manga style since it's my favorite style, but I can draw almost every style I choose to.

My DA gallery:

My etsy shop:

the shop's blog:

nice to meet you all!

Posted at 8:23 am Mar 10, 2011 EST

stkhit says

Wow.. I love all of your girls and art!!

Posted at 5:47 am Mar 15, 2011 EDT

stkhit says

Wow.. I love all of your girls and art!! thank you

Posted at 5:47 am Mar 15, 2011 EDT

Hi everyone

I'm Yvonne, I studied textiles but my heart is with illustration which you will see in my artwork. I like soft, bright shades and work in gouache, acrylic and collage. I live in St Andrews in Scotland, UK. You can find out any more info from the links below




Yvonne x

Posted at 7:30 am Mar 17, 2011 EDT

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