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Original Post

Dana A says

The only local places near me that sell thread is Hancock Fabrics and a small spool is about 5.24 before tax. (!!!) So unless they have a sale or I get coupons, my stock of thead is growing S.L.O.W.L.Y.

Are there any paces online that may be a little cheaper or have sales more often? or is local the better way to go?

Posted at 7:01 pm Sep 21, 2012 EDT


Have you tried searching on Google? I'd search "embroidery thread on sale". Joann Fabrics sometimes has good online prices. I find my best prices on line. Just watch out for expensive shipping charges.

Posted at 9:39 pm Sep 21, 2012 EDT

When I'm in need of a few colors (or just adding to my collection ;-) I sometimes check the selection at my local quilt shop first (noting the specific color #) and then order it online. I'm not a fan of Joann's for fabric quality, but I agree Angela, Joann's has good prices online for other supplies. I'll wait for free shipping, specific thread sales (Sulky and Gutermann come up often), or sale on entire purchase. Get on their mailing list!
If you need a good serger thread source, let me know!

Posted at 10:01 pm Sep 21, 2012 EDT

Dana A says

Thank you both! I will definitely try just searching - wasn't sure what that would turn up at first. :)

Posted at 12:34 am Sep 22, 2012 EDT

Yeah, I've searched for other online sources in the past, but came up empty. Joann's for embroidery thread has been my best bet so far for price and quality brands.

Also--I've found Fabric.com to be a great online source (and their colors on my computer screen seem pretty true to life vs. other sites). They have Madeira thread on sale through the weekend. And as always, free shipping on all orders over $35.

If anyone else has a good source for embroidery thread, I'd love to check 'em out!

Posted at 9:49 am Sep 22, 2012 EDT

www.marathonthread.com I've been using them for 11 years now with no problem with their thread. It is a fabulous price. I also use their stabilizer, 505, and prewound bobbins.

Posted at 11:27 am Sep 22, 2012 EDT

Forgot to add, it is free shipping if you order $100 worth of items so I always wait until I need lots of things from them.

Posted at 11:29 am Sep 22, 2012 EDT

Fantastic, Allison! Those stabilizers really add up in cost, too.
Thanks!!! :-D

Posted at 1:59 pm Sep 22, 2012 EDT

Dana A says

thank you so much for the link to marathon! Their prices are awesome - I think I just found a new favorite place. :)

Posted at 7:03 pm Sep 23, 2012 EDT

Megan from SewChem says

I always get the larger king cones, but both of these places have great quality thread and a lot of colors ctsusa.com and threadart.com. I'm off to check out marathon, though!

Posted at 10:53 am Sep 24, 2012 EDT

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