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Original Post

Welcome you to our new style 'Chat & Promote' thread for August 2012.

This is our worldwide virtual coffee shop where we meet our Etsy creative colleagues, it's our chance to catch up, chat, promote and share ideas.

You may remember our Chat & Promote thread from the Promotional Forum or later on from the International Forum. Since the forum changes we've been feeling a little isolated and are missing some of the folk that would just drop by for a chat. We decided that this team is going to be for everyone to meet up regardless of location to help each other by chatting and promoting together.


We are hoping we can encourage other Etsians to get involved in this forum. We realise that not everyone is as addicted to Etsy as us so we have started a regular 'Post and Run' New Listings & Promotions thread for people that are short on time:



Don't forget to join, follow and 'Like' all the team links:

September saw the launch of our team newsletter so to keep up with all things Craft Britannia sign up here:

Calling All CB Addicts - eepurl.com/elnvs Sign-up for regular Check-Ups!

We now have a lovely shiny new blog, please show it some love:

Follow the Team twitter:

Please 'Like' our new FaceBook Team Page:

Don't forget to join our flickr team to see what your team members are working on:

Thanks for dropping by, please introduce yourself. *passes cake and a cuppa tea.*

Posted at 3:54 pm Aug 1, 2012 EDT


I have Olympic muffins for everyone that takes the time to stop by and chat here. Welcome to all new members and hi to all the regulars.

*passes a selection of cakes*

I have 3 shops here on etsy:

dayzeelovedesigns.etsy.com - Graphic Design
dayzeelove.etsy.com - Shiny Pretty Gifts
cheekygeeky.etsy.com - Geeky Gifts

I twitter: twitter.com/dayzeelove
and blog: dayzeelove.blogspot.com
My website: www.dayzee-love.co.uk

Posted at 3:55 pm Aug 1, 2012 EDT

I'm Liz from madmumknits. Most people call me madmum as we have more than one so I answer to madmum.




Thanks Dayz for our shiny new thread. Olympic muffins sound good.
My daughter did her first shift as an Olympic volunteer today.

Posted at 4:01 pm Aug 1, 2012 EDT

Alma from Corcra says

Can't believe July is already over. Hello August!

Posted at 7:49 pm Aug 1, 2012 EDT

You're welcome madmum. I have a plan for a new thread to start in here today. I will convo you. :)

Hi Alma, don't forget to introduce yourself. :)

Posted at 4:14 am Aug 2, 2012 EDT

Alice says

Thanks Dayz for the new thread!

Hello, I'm Alice, one half of The Sequinned Sheep. I do all the knitting and computer work, my sister Florence does the crochet and craft fairs! We make a good team!

You can follow me on Twitter:


And of course you can buy our gorgeous goodies here:

Posted at 4:58 am Aug 2, 2012 EDT

Hi! I'm Jill from jcudesigns. Obsessed with jewelry making but especially wrap bracelets - I just love 'em!!

You can find me here www.etsy.com/shop/jcudesigns

and on FB www.facebook.com/jcudesigns1?ref=hl

Looking forward to chatting to our worldwide teamies :)

Posted at 6:05 am Aug 2, 2012 EDT

Morning all.

After not being able to get to sleep, once asleep I slept until 10.45.

Was hoping to get some cleaning done today but don't think the body is willing, will see how it is after a shower.

Think it is going to rain again soon, judging by the amount of water in a tub outside we have had heavy rain sometime in the night.

Posted at 6:21 am Aug 2, 2012 EDT

Alice says

Doesn't it feel great to get something done you've been putting off for ages! I'm such a procrastinator! And it's never as hard as you think it will be either.

Oh the relief! It's not on my mind anymore, haha!

Posted at 6:48 am Aug 2, 2012 EDT

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