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Original Post

So I use a sharpie marker to darker my aluminum pieces. I place in the oven at 260 degrees for 1 hour. Does anyone else do this? Do you know how well this really works in terms of making the color permanent? I heard it's suppose to work well, but always worry!!

If anyone is darkening there lettering with aluminum in a different manner, I would love to hear! Thanks!!

Posted at 4:24 pm Sep 4, 2011 EDT


Nope, that's what I do as well, a little less heat though.

Posted at 5:22 pm Sep 4, 2011 EDT

eruckman says

I should heat mine probably. I wear an anklet that is aluminum and darkened with sharpie all the time (pool, bath, etc) and haven't had any trouble with it but it has only been about a month.

Posted at 7:15 pm Sep 4, 2011 EDT

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