For the love of small animals What is your most recent listing???

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Original Post

Show it off!! animal related or not.
My last listing happens to not be an animal related item...
but feel free to take a look!

Posted at 2:36 pm Apr 5, 2011 EDT


This will also help your newly listed item get more views!

Posted at 2:56 pm Apr 5, 2011 EDT

Here's mine: also not animal related LOL
I'm getting ready to start on another playtube today though. *needs to go shopping for cute spring colors for playsets*

Posted at 3:28 pm Apr 5, 2011 EDT

This is my new cat portrait list:
Thank you for stopping by :D

Posted at 10:10 pm Apr 5, 2011 EDT

Aww your hair comb is so cute! I wish my hair looked good with that kind of stuff in it. I have tried... I have one friend who can pull off any cute hair accessory. Mine just... doesnt work. so sad. I must just have a weird shaped head.

JingJing your cat portraits are amazing!

Posted at 1:46 am Apr 6, 2011 EDT

Hi, I'm new to this so here goes:
I listed some items yesterday & here's one:
My 2 rat girls helped me design it, makes them feel all snug & secure.
Rats are so amazing and smart!

Posted at 7:37 am Apr 6, 2011 EDT

Cute! I love the colors RatAttack!

Posted at 10:54 am Apr 6, 2011 EDT

Very cool! I love it!

Posted at 11:52 am Apr 6, 2011 EDT

Should have got my chinchilla to model with this piece!
Cranberry glass apple paperweight:

Posted at 4:46 pm Apr 6, 2011 EDT

Thats very cool!!! I wish i knew how to blow glass. Ive always wanted to do that. I did ceramics for four years, but never anything with glass blowing.

Posted at 5:06 pm Apr 6, 2011 EDT

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