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Original Post

I was hoping to get more info on the Holiday Expo. Is this the first year? What is attendance like? How many crafters typically show?


Posted at 10:58 am Sep 11, 2012 EDT



I've responded to your message, but in case people were wondering-- the first Roundhouse show had approximately 40 craft vendors and the second around 44. Attendance was pretty steady and most mentioned seeing the blue signs we had out.

The application can be found here:

Posted at 11:32 am Sep 11, 2012 EDT

Just as an FYI about the holiday expo, I spoke to the floor manager at Hancock Fabrics off University when I was there a week or so ago and she said they would be happy to post our flyer when the show gets closer. I'm planning to take one by there when we get ready to start advertising but if anyone else frequents other fabric stores/craft stores/etc. they might want to ask if we can post flyers there too. I'm not sure if anyone did that for the spring show but I thought it was a great avenue for advertising that might bring us more customers!

Posted at 2:52 pm Sep 13, 2012 EDT

That's a great idea! As much money as I spend in Jo Ann's, they ought to put up a flyer for us!

Posted at 5:01 pm Sep 13, 2012 EDT

Actually I asked Michaels if they would post one of our flyers for the spring show and they flat out refused. I was pretty shocked, as much money as I spend there and Hobby Lobby and JoAnns. So I didn't even bother asking at the other places. But good luck Ari. Maybe JoAnns will do it.

Posted at 8:53 am Sep 14, 2012 EDT

sending in my application tommorow

Posted at 5:06 pm Sep 15, 2012 EDT

Jessica or Ari, by any chance is there WiFi at the Roundhouse?

Posted at 11:04 am Sep 19, 2012 EDT

I'm new to the craft booth scene. Any tips for my first booth set-up at the Roundhouse?

Posted at 11:34 pm Sep 19, 2012 EDT

Kathi - I believe there is WiFi at the Roundhouse.

Terri - Oh! There is tons of info about craft booths! We used to have a really good post about it on our blog until I accidentally deleted when I was redoing the website :(. I'll dig around and find you some links. Are you on Pinterest? There's some pins about booths on our board.

Posted at 10:45 am Sep 20, 2012 EDT

I would love to follow you on Pinterest. How are you listed?

Posted at 8:26 am Sep 21, 2012 EDT

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