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Original Post

mariadiana says

I'm a Culinary Grad but am new at gf baking. So far I've mastered choc. chip cookies, bisquits and muffins using xanthan gum. From looking at ready-made products I see the use of guar gum and plant protein like psyllium husk.
Has anyone experimented with baking in combination of these different types of substitutes/additives?
Also, is there a place to get them for less than an arm and a leg? I mean...gee...I am poor. can't afford 11 bucks for 6 oz of xanth.

Posted at 9:17 pm Jul 5, 2011 EDT


mariadiana says

nobody bakes from scratch here?

Posted at 10:14 pm Jul 8, 2011 EDT

I bake from scratch. I use my own blend of gluten free flours. I have pretty much been able to do anything that was made with wheat. I would love to chat more about baking from scratch, convo me, as I do not always remember to check the team feeds more then once a week. The food net work is my favorite tv channel. I can convert just about anything to gluten free!

Posted at 12:58 am Jul 12, 2011 EDT

I obviously bake! LOL But haven't checked here for awhile. Yes, the gums are expensive. But if you search the internet, you can find it cheaper. I usually pay around $8 for around 8oz. at the local grocery store. It last for awhile, I only use 1 tsp per cup of flour when baking. Unless, it is a very crumbly dry item then I might use more.

Posted at 4:17 pm Jul 18, 2011 EDT often has fabulous prices on hard to find food items...I buy a lot of my supplies for gf baking in bulk from Amazon!

Posted at 9:57 am Jul 26, 2011 EDT

mariadiana says

amazon? i might try that once i need a good few items to buy.

Posted at 9:47 pm Aug 3, 2011 EDT

mariadiana says

amazon? i might try that once i need a good few items to buy.

Posted at 9:47 pm Aug 3, 2011 EDT

MJsPantry says

Do you can use plain gelatin for a more inexpensive binder.

Posted at 7:16 pm Aug 5, 2011 EDT

I haven't tried plain gelatin...but I sometimes use banana in baking as a binder. My sister in law feeds her family gluten free and egg free, and banana holds her cakes and baked goods together well. It does add banana flavor, but its yummy in chocolate items!

Posted at 3:21 pm Aug 14, 2011 EDT

mariadiana says

gelatin, hmm sounds like an interesting idea. banana too.

Posted at 1:12 pm Aug 15, 2011 EDT

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