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Original Post

Hi I just wanted to talk about how to get your reborn dolls to sell for more I know how hard it can be at times to get decent prices for your dolls so here are some tips also I used to shop for reborn dolls all the time before I was a reborn doll artist and these are the things I looked for

#1 take your time
It is very important that you take your time to make your dolls very detailed don't rush because if you do your doll will not turn out as good and therefore not sell for as much so try to have patience

#2 rooting
When your rooting you should take your time and do a good job because honestly people pay more just because of the rooting

#3 clothes and accessories
I find that when I sell my dolls with lots of cute clothes and accessories people pay more I'm not saying their buying the doll just because of the clothes and accessories but it makes the doll look cuter

#4 good photography
It is also very important to have good photos of your dolls take pictures in natural light use cute props I would suggest investing in a good camara also I find that the ott light looks natural

#5 consider selling on ebay
If you want a chance to get a higher price for your dolls consider selling on ebay because people can bid and you never know maybe it will sell for more

Thanks for reading!
Let me know if this was helpful and if you have any more tips please share them

Posted at 12:07 am May 13, 2013 EDT


Hi! Thanks for your post, that definitely helps out to know what your customer base is looking for in terms of getting the most out of what you put your heart and hard work into. If you want a more detailed list of what buyers are looking for, there is a great Buyers Guide on Reborn Artists of Distinctions website (that title followed by a .com). Very detailed guild that helped me in improving certain techniques I saw needed attention.

Also, I wanted to say that sometimes on eBay, it is hit or miss. Don't get discouraged if your baby doesn't sell right away. It really has to be the right buyer at the right time. I just sold an Asian baby on eBay and the first time I listed her she received quite a few watchers. She didn't sell, but the second go around I actually RAISED her base price by 10% and she sold quickly!

But, like I said, the right buyer at the right time.

If I can sit on a baby for a while and not need to sell for a quick profit, it pays to be patient.

I also recommend doing your research and investing in some videos, or classes if you live in an area that a popular artist offers live classes. It can be quite pricey, but it is worth it if you are legitimately serious about becoming the best you can be! I reborn along with my Mother-In-Law and was thinking about going in on some together, so that would also be a great idea!

Just a few of my tips as well, enjoy!!
My blog is if you want to check it out and say hi!

Posted at 10:08 pm Aug 18, 2013 EDT

Some very good tips, thank you, i did get a little discouraged on ebay, does anyone have any tips for how to post on ebay and the best way for the best price?

Posted at 6:49 pm Nov 3, 2013 EST

I have sold on ebay now for a few years. I have had rather good luck there. Your baby may not sell at first but they do end up selling. I now have a store front and no long do them for auction. I list mine as a buy it now, and or best offer. They may sit for sometime but they will sell. Don't give up keep trying.

Posted at 5:01 am Dec 2, 2013 EST

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