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Original Post

Don't forget to check out my new listings! I post about one new item every day.

Posted at 7:41am May 18, 2011 EDT


cyanowl says

just posted this one a bit ago! summer makes me rather ocean obsessed.

Posted at 1:16pm May 20, 2011 EDT

Very pretty necklace Cyanowl!! I love the soft blue stones with the shell pendant!

And I really like the pearl necklace Roundthecornershoppe!

Posted at 3:46am May 21, 2011 EDT

I just made easy customizable listings for my simple pearl earrings, pendants and sets to simplify everything for customers-

still not sure about the first picture or tags though. Feedback welcomed :).

Posted at 4:36pm May 24, 2011 EDT

Poiriers says

Coupon Code!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can get 15% off if you use the coupon code: SUMMERFUN

This code ends June 30!!

Enjoy!!! :O)

Posted at 1:48pm May 29, 2011 EDT

MoiraCoon says

I just added bed bug poison, sulphuric acid, and permanganate of potash to the collection of poisons, potions, and patent medicine charms in my shop.

All mere props...of course.

Posted at 8:53pm May 29, 2011 EDT