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Our rules are simple ... be supportive and encouraging to all members.

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Original Post


You can check if you have hit the Aussie homepage here:

Posted at 4:41am May 27, 2012 EDT

Does anyone know on the tools4etsy page why some of the treasuries come up with unknown composers? And is there a way to change it?

Posted at 6:33am May 27, 2012 EDT

Samantha I think it's just a glitch between that site and Etsy. Sometimes they show and sometimes not

Posted at 7:01pm May 27, 2012 EDT

I'm so excited that our treasuries are making the Aussie front page. Here's another one of mine that was lucky enough to get a feature:

Posted at 8:18pm May 27, 2012 EDT

Fantastic work everyone and Hannah what a legend.4 front pages and Rocheen 3 Yeah!

Posted at 8:30pm May 27, 2012 EDT

Yesterdays spotlight treasury made the FP this morning!! Exciting!

Hope it brings lots of views and sales to all included

Posted at 8:48pm May 29, 2012 EDT