Toledo Ohio Whitmer Craft Show April 21st

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Anyone who currently lives and creates in the greater Toledo area.

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Original Post

HI everyone .

If you are participating in the Whitmer Craft show this Saturday, I just received the "flyer" for the show.

If you're like me, you are disappointed. I'm going to make my own flyer. I'm going to include photos of my items or just descriptions of some items for sale. If you'd like a copy of this flyer, I will add your items to it. I can have the flyer made by tomorrow so you can post it to your website, print some out, post to facebook, whatever you want. Plus I'll do it all for free!

Email me: if you want to be included.

Posted at 1:54pm Apr 16, 2012 EDT


I just got an email notification for the Old West End... I don't know art/craft show? I don't know what they call it and since I don't do craft shows, I deleted it without getting more info for you guys! :( But maybe someone can research it and post the info...I know some of you were looking for local shows to participate in....

Posted at 3:16pm Apr 16, 2012 EDT

Okay, I deleted it on my iPhone and it was still in the here goes:

2012 Old West End Art Festival

Download application from

Apparently the deadline is REALLY soon, so if you want to participate, get on it! :)

Hope this helps! :)


Posted at 3:19pm Apr 16, 2012 EDT

Christina and I both vended at the Whitmer show. I didn't expect to make what i would have at a large convention... but it was incredibly disappointing. I'm an almuni of that school, and I don't think I would do it again unless they really changed how they worked the traffic flow. But it was great to meet other sellers!

Posted at 8:13pm Apr 24, 2012 EDT

Sorry I didn't get down to see you guys. I usually have a helper but my daughter just stopped by real quick so I only walked away to get something to eat and use the rest room. I did ok. This was my second year and the traffic seemed better this year. I haven't looked back to see what I did last year but it was about the same.

Posted at 8:52pm Apr 24, 2012 EDT