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Original Post

Does anyone know of any upcoming craft shows around Toledo? I'm in need of one! :)

Posted at 10:26pm Feb 7, 2012 EST


Whitmer high school is having a craft and rummage sale on April 21. I can get you more details if you want. I did it last year and it wasn't great but not bad. Most people do go for the rummage sale. I am going to do it again this year. Last year was their 1st year after taking a break for a few years.

Posted at 9:11pm Feb 12, 2012 EST

Could you send me some info for the Whitmer sale too? Thanks :)

Posted at 11:58pm Feb 12, 2012 EST

Deadline to apply for Crosby Festival of the Arts (at Toledo Botanical Gardens) is March 2nd. The show is the 3rd weekend of June.

Posted at 9:09pm Feb 15, 2012 EST

Don't forget the Black Swamp Arts Festival in Bowling Green held in September!

Posted at 11:41pm Feb 19, 2012 EST

Harrison Rally Days in Perrysburg is in September, you can contact the Perrysburg chamber for an application.

I'm looking for small craft sales or small application/reservation fee craft shows. Do you know anymore? I am just getting started!

I've decided to do the Whitmer show too!

Posted at 6:55pm Feb 23, 2012 EST

My mom just told me she heard about the Whitmer sale today, can someone send me more info?

Posted at 5:48pm Mar 7, 2012 EST

Laura M says

I would like more information about the Whitmer sale, can someone please send me some info? Thanks!

Posted at 10:42am Mar 8, 2012 EST

I am currently setting up the annual Walgreens Charity Motorcycle Ride and this year we are adding a craft fair and cruise-in to the event. If anyone is interested in more info, please let me know.

Posted at 1:10pm Mar 12, 2012 EDT

I can not find info on Whitmers school page about the sale, can you post the info in this discussion?

Posted at 12:16pm Mar 15, 2012 EDT

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