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Cascade Mountain Range Team has the following requirements:

Everyone who calls the Cascades their home, or would like to call the Cascades their home.

Please stop by our "Welcome to the team" thread and introduce yourself. We'd all love to meet you!

You can be as active as you'd like in this team! Being more active will help get more exposure to your shop and items, and hopefully bring you more sales! Here are some suggestions to let this team help get you more activity to your shop:

1) Introduce yourself on the "Welcome" thread
2) Participate in team treasuries, featuring other artists from the team. This will in turn get your items in more treasuries, and more exposure for your shop!
3) Post your latest listings in the recent listings thread. This lets us all see what you've just added to your shop, and is a great way to get your items included in treasuries!
4) Play the "Shop above you" game where you visit the shop above you, and paste a link from their shop. The next person will then visit your shop, and do the same. This is a great way to get people visiting your shop on a regular basis.
5) Share your blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc. with the team, and subscribe to others.

This team serves to encourage community to those who love the Cascades....feel free to join the fun!

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Original Post

Brittany says

Hello Everyone,
I am new to the team. I am a SAHM who has a passion for the cuties in my life and a love of knitting. I create made to order knit items for the cuties in your life!

I live in pierce county and all summer long you will find me and my family hiking/backpacking/camping all around Mount Rainier.

I am excited to join the team. Feel free to check out my shop, I am currently having a black friday sale:


Posted at 12:25pm Nov 25, 2011 EST


Welcome Brittany!

We are a laid-back team, and are glad to have you on board! Happy Black Friday, and I hope you have a lot of sales come your way :) Let us know if you have any questions :)

Cheers, Jessi

Posted at 1:29pm Nov 25, 2011 EST

Welcome to the team Brittany! Cute site!

Posted at 6:29pm Nov 25, 2011 EST

Nice shop.....welcome

Posted at 11:28am Nov 26, 2011 EST

Brittany says

Thank you everyone for the warm welcome!

Posted at 3:41pm Nov 26, 2011 EST