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Who can join?

Fancy Pants is a moderated team with the following requirements:

Before you apply to join Team Fancy Pants ...... please read the following guidelines and rules

Thanks for your interest in Team Fancy Pants
Below are the rules and guidelines for membership:

Please note that each member is reviewed and accepted based on the following:

1. Your shop is filled with products that are uniquely and beautifully photographed.
2. You have an assortment of beautifully curated treasuries, averaging 15 treasuries over the past 6 months.
3. You must be enthusiastic , honest, and have respect for the Etsy community:

If your membership request is excepted, you will be required to create 8-10 beautifully curated treasuries per month that include 4 team members, in any space that you feel they fit well. You may not include your shop, or another shop you own, in your treasuries.

* You will be willing to promote your own treasury and other team members treasuries.

* You must abide by Etsy's TOUs and take into consideration Etsy’s treasury making tips.

We are not an exclusive Team, but we except you to meet the above requirements.
Please, don't tag BNRs with "TeamFP" or "FancyPants" ! :)
Warm regards,
Team Fancy Pants
Please include a link to your treasuries and your shop


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