Where Rustics Reign Meet & Greet - new members introduce yourselves here!

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Where Rustics Reign is a moderated team with the following requirements:

Membership is open to anyone who has a passion for rustic items. Shop owners...the items you promote here MUST BE RUSTIC in nature in keeping with the theme of the team.

**Before applying for membership, please have an assortment of goods available in your shop to determine eligibility.**

New Members: Please take a moment to introduce yourself in the *Meet & Greet* Discussion thread!

Be sure to tag some of your items with 'Rustics Reign Team' (thus increasing your chances of getting into team treasuries).

When promoting your items in the team threads, please be respectful and post in the appropriate themed thread for that item...we have many promo threads active and we encourage you to promote yourself, at the same time keeping the team clean and readable without rampant promo threads.

No hassles no worries....Welcome Aboard!

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Original Post

TheSnowshoeLoft says
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Welcome to all our new members, if you so wish, please take a minute to introduce yourself here!

Posted at 2:16 am Apr 13, 2011 EDT

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TheSnowshoeLoft says
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Welcome to all our new members, if you so wish, please take a minute to introduce yourself here!

Posted at 2:16 am Apr 13, 2011 EDT


Hi Everyone! My name is Donna and I currently live in the middle of Amish country...Berlin, OH.

I have always loved making things since I was a little girl but I have been hand quilting for a couple of ladies since 1995. Since I am a quilter, I am lucky to be living around some very wonderful fabric stores. There is also a great wool shop in town and I have developed a passion for wool items.
When I get the chance, I love to knit and work on Project Linus projects.

Thanks for inviting me into the Where Rustics Reign team!

Posted at 7:52 am Apr 13, 2011 EDT

CasaExpressions - Natural Home decor products.

I Also have 2 other shops here on Etsy
www.EraExpressions.etsy.com - vintage
www.ArtisticaExpressions.etsy.com - jewelry

Thanks for letting me be a part of this cool team!

Posted at 7:55 am Apr 13, 2011 EDT

welcome watsonhouse...I, too, enjoy hand-quilting and quilting with wool...how lucky you are to live among the quilting "greats" in Amish country...

Posted at 8:25 am Apr 13, 2011 EDT

I'm AJ, and I live in a rural area near Kansas City. I've been fascinated by candles since childhood and started making my own when I was a teenager. Now my specialty is room-scenting candles. I was disappointed with store-bought candles not smelling up my house so I decided to make my own candles and wax melts. :) Added handmade soap to my line several years back because I love the mixture of art and science that is soapmaking - so fascinating and fun! I like knowing what's going onto my skin (and what's NOT. lol) My daughter helps me in my biz. We also occasionally make lotions, scrubs, and butters, but mostly for personal and family use. In our spare time, DD and I love to work with yarn. Knitting or crocheting is a blast. :) My personal philosophy is that there are not enough years in life or hours in a day to accomplish all the cool projects I want to make. bwa-haha

Nice to meet you all! Such wonderful hobbies, businesses, shops! I am always glad to meet new friends.

Posted at 9:04 am Apr 13, 2011 EDT

Hi Donna, CasaExpressions, MoonDanceTextiles, AJ, and others who've joined us.

Welcome to the Team! It's a terrific team and there's a lot of great rustic decor in our midst.

What is Project Linus?


Posted at 9:27 am Apr 13, 2011 EDT

Hi Linda,
Project Linus is a non-profit organization with volunteers who make quilts, comforters, fleece blankets, or crochet or knit blankets to give to sick and traumatized children. There are chapters in every state where you can donate. Our donations in Holmes county go with firemen and emt squads, to hospitals and where ther are world tragedies. Anyone is welcome to donate and they don't have to be prefect.


Posted at 10:13 am Apr 13, 2011 EDT

ifindubuy says

Hi Everyone,

I opened my shop this past November as a way to share the amazing treasures my 15 year old son and I were discovering in our estate sale adventures. We have been spending quality father and son time doing something that we both enjoy, and I have been teaching him how to turn this hobby into a small business. He has a passion for old military, camping, and hunting items and ends up keeping most of his finds for himself. It's a great way to spend a Saturday morning with him, and we have created many memories, made many new friends, and are always amazed at the bargains we are able to find. It's been fun watching him learn how to haggle and bargain, and to also see how his eye for the unique and unusual finds has begun to develop.

It's not often that you get the opportunity to spend time with your "teenager" doing something that you both enjoy and have a passion for. And thanks to my wife, we were able to take this passion a step further and turn it into a small business that has taught my son a number of valuable skills that will help him later in life.

My wife and her best friend have had a shop on Etsy since 2009,
She showed us how easy it was to open a shop and list items and within a couple of weeks we had our first sale. So far it has been a wonderful experience for both of us and we look forward to growing with Etsy.

Posted at 12:03 pm Apr 13, 2011 EDT

Hi everyone, love the stories and history of how people arrived here on Etsy. We could write a book ;o)

Project Linus, what a perfect name and such a worthy cause, well done.

Posted at 7:40 pm Apr 13, 2011 EDT

Hi there, I'm from Muskoka, Ontario Canada. I'm an upcycler and you will find me at yard sales, estate sales, thrift stores looking for items that can be painted, upcycled and made into items that look great in your home. All of my items have a woodland/wildlife theme.

Posted at 7:53 am Apr 14, 2011 EDT

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