Where Rustics Reign my love for rustics and old antiques

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Where Rustics Reign is a moderated team with the following requirements:

Membership is open to anyone who has a passion for rustic items. Shop owners...the items you promote here MUST BE RUSTIC in nature in keeping with the theme of the team.

**Before applying for membership, please have an assortment of goods available in your shop to determine eligibility.**

New Members: Please take a moment to introduce yourself in the *Meet & Greet* Discussion thread!

Be sure to tag some of your items with 'Rustics Reign Team' (thus increasing your chances of getting into team treasuries).

When promoting your items in the team threads, please be respectful and post in the appropriate themed thread for that item...we have many promo threads active and we encourage you to promote yourself, at the same time keeping the team clean and readable without rampant promo threads.

No hassles no worries....Welcome Aboard!

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Original Post

cinvance2 says

my name is cindy vance I am new to etsy, however I live in a very small town it's a mile long and 1/2 mile wide there are 400 that live in my lil quaint town, I have invested alot of time and money to get my home to look as old as my lil town, I have an antique stove over 100 years old that still works, and old grinder too many to list.

Posted at 5:31 pm Sep 11, 2011 EDT


Welcome! I too live that way. I love everything old!

Posted at 6:40 pm Sep 11, 2011 EDT

Hi my name is Wendy. I am new to Etsy and love rustic items as well. Grew up in the adirondacks and appreciate the beauty of nature. I too love everything old! (well except myself!! ha, ha)

Posted at 6:44 pm Sep 11, 2011 EDT

lol Wendy, that was cute!

Welcome to you and Cindy, so glad you have joined our team, sounds like you were both born with a love of rustics!!

Posted at 10:37 pm Sep 11, 2011 EDT

Welcome to the team cinvance2 and wendy! We are thrilled you have joined us!

Posted at 5:03 am Sep 12, 2011 EDT

Welcome both of you to the team! You will love it here. This is a great team. I also love the rustic and old. Have loved antiques forever!


Posted at 1:56 pm Sep 12, 2011 EDT

WurdeSein says

Welcome, your town and home sound cozy! :o)

Posted at 4:59 pm Sep 12, 2011 EDT

artsyEVE says

Just wanted to say HI. My mom and I have an etsy shop and just joined this group. We love to quilt and sew--everything from full-size quilts from new and vintage fabrics to doll quilts, pillows and more. This appears to be very warm and welcoming team and we look forward to being part of the group!

Posted at 10:41 pm Sep 12, 2011 EDT

Hello and welcome arstyEVE and Mom! So great to meet you, glad you joined us!

Posted at 10:43 pm Sep 12, 2011 EDT

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