Organic goods for baby Most absorbent organic fabric?

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We use pocket diapers... I like how the moisture is wicked away from my son's bottom. I do use a hemp/cotton blend doubler inside because I found the hemp to be more absorbent than just the cotton doublers.

Posted at 9:45 am Feb 1, 2012 EST

From what I know about hemp, it is more absorbent than cotton. It is a great fiber and will last after many, many washes.

Posted at 2:43 pm Feb 9, 2012 EST

hemp for sure! we carry a hemp/bamboo fleece that is a nice combo of hemps absorbancy and bamboo's softeness :)

Posted at 2:17 am Mar 18, 2012 EDT

When thinking about the water to wash the diapers, I think it is important to remember that there is a lot of water waste in creating the disposable diapers as well, so it's not like they don't cost water as well. Plus if you use an energy efficient washing machine teh water use is pretty low.

Posted at 9:41 pm Apr 12, 2012 EDT

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