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IndianArtistsCorner is a moderated team with the following requirements:


Are you inspired by the colors and culture of India?

Are you a team player?

If yes, sure you can join. Read the requirements carefully before applying.

1. All work must be original -handmade and indian influenced!
2. You need to have at least a page of good quality, presentable photographs.
3. You need to participate in our forums every now and then.

Now answer this simple question and I'll get back to you soon.


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Original Post

I recently started using Twitter and would love to have some fellow Indian Artists follow me. I am also looking for people to follow so if you're on Twitter let me know!
I am @MinouBazaar.

Posted at 9:04pm Nov 2, 2011 EDT


jhumkas from Jhumkas says

Following you Now @jhumkas

Posted at 8:29am Dec 7, 2011 EST

Hi Meenoo,
I'm on twitter. Follow me at SaagarikaBolly If it doesn't work let me know.

Rajni thanks for your twitter acct. Will follow you too.


Posted at 11:23am Dec 7, 2011 EST

Mine is @ahkriti. See you!

Posted at 11:46am Dec 8, 2011 EST

welcome to our circle-Shesh

Posted at 6:09pm May 18, 2012 EDT

I just joined twitter @chamelagiri and am now following you!

Posted at 5:13pm Sep 9, 2012 EDT

I'm on Twitter @wildclove

Posted at 9:14am Feb 23, 2013 EST

Ambaa says

I'm @ambaablog and I'm off to follow all of you! :)

Posted at 10:29am Nov 8, 2013 EST