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EcoFabulous Weddings is a moderated team with the following requirements:

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:: Intend to actively participate in forums, discussions and promotions (social media, giveaways, or media PR)?

:: Share the team’s mission of preserving the environment and operating your Etsy shop in an eco-friendly manner.

:: Practice eco-friendly crafting and creating, incorporating sustainability into the business by having at least 75% of the items that are: (by any of the methods below)

1. Recycled or reused
2. Repurposed or upcycled (re-using resources to make newly designed items)
3. Reusable (any items that will replace disposable items)
4. Sustainable (natural, organic materials etc...)
5. Vintage (any items that are 20 years or older - according to Etsy's guidelines)
6. Use ONLY all natural ingredients that are safe and list them on your products (all Health and Beauty shops)

Please Note: Cotton is not considered a sustainable material unless it is organic. Please understand that the cotton industry is severely destructive to the environment and while a "natural" raw material, the chemicals and processes used in production make it very toxic to the planet.

Services are more than welcome provided that they are able to set themselves apart as being Eco Minded in their business practices.

If you feel that you were not accepted but that you are, in fact an eco representable product or service, please do not hesitate to appeal with your reasons.

If you feel that you have a quality product that fits our aesthetic, and are effectively representing that in your shop, please apply.

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Original Post


'Hydrangea' is the first in our new range of hair accessories for weddings, parties and special occasions - available on its own or with a fixed or detachable birdcage veil:



Posted at 10:50am Jul 30, 2011 EDT

New this week -- I'm rolling out a line of mini flowers (perfect for flowergirls!) as well as a few new color combos. I'm also super excited about my new beach bouquet :)

Posted at 6:35pm Aug 10, 2011 EDT