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The profits from the sale of my lampwork glass creations go to offsetting costs of my "other job", a volunteer wildlife rehabilitator and educator: Wild at Heart Wildlife Rehabilitation (a non-profit assoc.) I also donated all the proceeds of sales for several items to a non-profit cancer fund set up for my high school BF who is battling Stage IV metastatic melanoma (we graduated HS 30 or so years ago).

I would truly appreciate your opinions, critique & consideration Tim. Thank you!

Posted at 11:23 pm Sep 9, 2011 EDT

Oops, sorry Melinda! Didn't mean to change your name in my post. ;-)

Posted at 12:15 am Sep 10, 2011 EDT

All the money from sales from my shop go to help one neighbor at a time. Pembroke Township, Illinois is one of the poorest communities not only in Illinois, but the United States. After a year and a half, I am finding that helping one person/family at a time is the only way right now.
Oprah did a show on this area 6 years ago, and nothing has changed. Please check out my shop and know that the money will help someone get running water, indoor plumbing, insulation so their water pipes don't freeze, or some other basic neccessity.

Posted at 10:55 pm Sep 11, 2011 EDT

What a wonderful idea! 100% of our shop is for charity. We are trying to fund a children's home in Nepal through Tiny Hands International in memory of our son (hence the slightly odd name).

And FreshCrayons, what a wonderful project to support! My daughter has ulcerative colitis. :(

Posted at 11:35 am Nov 11, 2011 EST

I am not sure what 50% charity oriented means- 50% of price going to charity? Or 50% of items listed must somehow help charity? Since I am not sure please apologize me if I am not here correctly.

All my products help charity, so 100% of my listings help somehow to others.
I give 10% of all my profits to Starlight foundation which helps ill children fulfill their wishes.
On the top of it I donate certain amount for specific causes on some of my listings.
For example my Braille craft helps support blind people.

Posted at 3:54 pm Jan 7, 2012 EST

Anna from themuubear says

Hi MamaMellyMartin and all,
I really appreciate your idea! I don't have a section dedicated to charity in my shop, but we (me and mates of the EtsyItaliaTeam) have a shop entirely dedicated to charity. We entirely devolve the income of that shop to focused charities throughout the year. Last year we did a charity for medical purposes, for Japan and others campaignes. The charity shop is always open and we try our best to donate our crafts for the causes. If anyone is interested to know more, just send us a convo. Here is the link of the shop:
Thanks for your effort to embetter the world :)

Posted at 6:23 pm Feb 2, 2012 EST

Jesse Anne says

I recently made the choice to give at least 50% of what I make on Etsy to Honor Flight, they take WWII veterans to Washington D.C. to visit their own memorial. I also am doing lots of auctions on my other website, so besides just Etsy I am also running that at 100% for Honor Flight auction section. In the normal shop section 50% off the sales go to Honor Flight. Anything listed in my Etsy or in my onine store that is mark with anything about Honor Flight means 100% of the money goes to them.

My grandpa was in the Navy during and I am doing this to Honor him. Thanks so much! Here is my website for the auctions if anyone is interested in knowing more. I just started with all of this but it is really important to me and I am going to keep doing it. Thanks so much :)

Posted at 10:29 pm Mar 6, 2012 EST

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